East Coast Dems Not Happy GOP Border States Busing Illegal Migrants To Their Cities

East Coast Dems Not Happy GOP Border States Busing Illegal Migrants To Their Cities

Democratic leaders in East Coast cities including Washington, D.C., aren’t happy with Republican leaders from states bordering Mexico.

That’s because Republican governors like Greg Abbott in Texas and Doug Ducey in Arizona have been sending them busloads of illegal aliens, which is forcing Democrats to have to directly deal with the fallout of open borders policies they champion, though on a much smaller scale.

On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about the “thousands” of illegal migrants who have been bussed to Washington, D.C., and New York City from those red states.

“We believe it’s shameful that — that some governors are using migrants as a political tool, as a political play, when we should be making sure that we’re doing everything that we can to help — to help folks who are coming into this process in a legal way and making sure that, you know, we do this in a — in a safe — in a safe way and a respectful way,” she claimed with a straight face. “And I think it’s shameful that that is happening.”

Also this week, NYC Mayor Eric Adams told a news conference that shipping the migrants to his city was becoming a “real burden on New Yorkers.”

“As I stated, we already have an overburdened shelter system. So now we’re talking about, as you stated, food, clothing, schools,” he said. “This is going to impact our schools because we do not turn away individuals because they’re undocumented, need translation services.

“There’s just a whole host of things that this is going to produce. And that’s why we need help in getting this done and we need to write coordination to make it happen,” he added.

One really obvious solution would be to pressure Joe Biden to reverse his reversals of former President Donald Trump’s tough border security and immigration enforcement policies so that there would be fewer illegal aliens for every U.S. leader, regardless of party or location, to have to deal with.

But that’s not going to happen.

The Daily Wire explains:

The border crisis has erupted under Biden’s leadership as U.S. Customs and Border Protection has recorded over two million encounters with illegal immigrants so far in fiscal year 2022. That’s the highest number ever recorded by the agency in one year, and the fiscal year still has over two months remaining.

The crisis has hit Republican-led border states like Texas and Arizona hard. Earlier this month, four Texas counties made an emergency invasion declaration over the border crisis. Arizona saw a staggering 579% jump in illegal immigrant encounters last year.

This crisis is all Biden’s doing or, at least, the result of policies implemented through him by whoever is really running his administration. And frankly, with Democrats controlling Congress, there is no way the Legislative Branch is going to address the issue. So Biden and his handlers are the only ones who can fix things.

But again, that’s not going to happen because the policies were designed to create a massive influx of migrants in the first place. What’s notable is that the White House and Democrats who support the open borders policies likely didn’t expect border states would force them to deal with the consequences directly, as evidenced by their pathetic complaints.


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