Drugs, Terrorists, Gotaways: The U.S. Border Under Biden Has Collapsed

Drugs, Terrorists, Gotaways: The U.S. Border Under Biden Has Collapsed

The U.S.-Mexico border has become increasingly chaotic under Joe Biden after the president, on his first day in office two years ago, reversed nearly all of former President Donald Trump’s highly effective immigration and border security policies, and with deadly results that come with national security implications.

First, the numbers: Some estimates claim that nearly 5 million people have simply walked across the border under Biden’s watch, with ADN America now reporting that at least 1.2 million of them are “gotaways” — the Border Patrol could not catch them, and they are now essentially living in the U.S., taking jobs from American citizens as companies begin laying off tens of thousands in a contracting economy that can also legitimately be blamed on Biden and Democratic Party economic policies and spending.

“Monthly migrant encounters at the border increased from 101,000 in February 2021 to 251,000 in December 2022, according to CBP statistics,” the outlet reported. “The CBP has estimated that there have been more than 718,000 undocumented migrant encounters in the first 100 days of the Fiscal Year 2023, which began on October 1, 2022.”

Meanwhile, as millions of migrants flow into the country, the drug cartels have also essentially taken over the border: Smuggling of highly lethal and addictive fentanyl, much of it made with Chinese ingredients, has dramatically increased as well, and the results have been deadly.

“U.S. Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations agents stationed out of Jacksonville, Florida, and Corpus Christi, Texas, confiscated a record 20 tons of narcotics and other drugs in two months,” Just the News reported on Tuesday. “CBP said AMO agents from the Florida and Texas bases seized nearly 37,887 pounds of cocaine and 1,518 pounds of marijuana in international waters between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31, 2022, worth an estimated $77.3 million. Twenty tons, 40,000 pounds, is roughly equivalent to the weight of a full school bus or loaded coach bus.”

The dramatic increase in smuggling led to a staggering number of fentanyl overdose deaths: “Researchers found a staggering 110,236 people died in a single 12-month period, a stunning new record,” NPR reported in December.

Then there are national security implications. According to the Daily Wire, Border Patrol and Customs personnel have arrested a growing number of people on the FBI’s terrorist watch list as they attempt to cross illegally into the U.S.

“U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data jumped from just three arrests of individuals from the list at the border in 2020 to nearly 100 in 2022,” the outlet reported, adding: “In 2023, a total of 38 individuals on the terror watch list have been arrested already at the southern border, pacing ahead of last’s year high of 98.”

And again, there were at least 1.2 million gotaways.

There is no question that under Biden’s and Democrats’ rule, our country has gotten more dangerous, less secure, and far more at risk.


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