Drew Hernandez SMEARED By Rolling Stone For Correctly Calling Balenciaga "Satanic"

Drew Hernandez SMEARED By Rolling Stone For Correctly Calling Balenciaga "Satanic"

The woke and terribly-written Rolling Stone magazine, long removed from its days of relevancy, published an article that claimed Turning Point USA contributor and Frontlines host Drew Hernandez is responsible for creating “an echo chamber of far-right content.”

Drew Hernandez responded to the smear piece in a tweet, replying, “@RollingStone is offended because I called out Balenciaga’s Satanism on Rumble, now you know why I’m so shadow-banned on YouTube They also are mad because I cover what the globalists actually say I’ll take it, @rumblevideo’s ‘relative newcomer.'”

Hernandez “has already drawn attention by wondering if the New World Order will enslave us in the Metaverse and weighing in on the fashion brand Balenciaga’s imagined ties to Satanism,” Rolling Stone claims. “At 50,000 and 80,000 views, these segments are outpacing videos shared by users with platforms 100 times larger.”

In November , Hernandez called out Balenciaga for their disturbing advertising campaign. The photoshoot featured children posed around satanic imagery with sexualizing paraphernalia, and included teddy bears wearing bondage equipment. This led to Hernandez doing a deep dive on Lotta Volkova.

The Post Millennial wrote: In a Rumble video from November titled “Satanic Pedo Balenciaga Exposed,” Hernandez called out Volkova who posted images on Instagram of Satan worship as well as child torture, mutilation, and sexualization. 

Hernandez has also made videos such as “NWO Metaverse Enslavement” from Tuesday that criticizes the culture’s push for isolation through virtual reality.

The Rolling Stone piece, titled “Far-Right Superstars Are Failing on Rumble. Who’s Winning?” was upset that right-wing content creators were able to amass audiences.

They noted that some such as Donald Trump Jr., “already has 1.07 million subscribers on Rumble, which puts him among the top tier of users — in theory. The reality is that despite this formidable audience, his videos often struggle to crack 10,000 views”

But, “Drew Hernandez, a relative newcomer to the site with 16,000 followers,” makes videos that regularly receive 50,000 to 80,000 views.

Rolling Stone says that “provocateurs” began moving over to Rumble after an endorsement by Rep. Devin Nunes and Fox News’s Dan Bongino.


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