Docs Show Sacramento School District Has Been Indoctrinating Kids With Radical Gender Ideology For A Decade

Docs Show Sacramento School District Has Been Indoctrinating Kids With Radical Gender Ideology For A Decade

While many conservatives think that the left’s pushing of radical gender ideology on school children is a relatively new phenomenon, documents show that it’s been going on for at least 10 years in a California school district.

According to the Daily Wire, the Sacramento Unified School District has been exposing students to the ideology since 2012, documents obtained by writer and activist Christopher Rufo show.

“I have obtained a collection of publicly accessible documents from Sacramento City Unified that traces the evolution of the district’s sexual politics,” Rufo noted on his website. “The process began a decade ago, when the district invited Elizabeth Meyer, a professor of Women’s, Gender & Queer Studies at California Polytechnic State University, to conduct presentations on how the district could adopt the principles of academic queer theory and translate them into K-12 pedagogy.”

He added:

The “foundational concepts” of this approach, according to Meyer’s presentation, follow the standard left-wing narrative. Western society has created a “Heterosexual Matrix,” composed of “Hegemonic Masculinity,” “Emphasized Femininity,” “Heteronormativity,” and “Heterosexism,” that underpins an oppressive system of “patriarchy,” “homophobia,” and “transphobia.” To liberate schools from this system, administrators and districts must adopt “queer pedagogy” and “anti-oppressive pedagogy,” which will disrupt the “commonsense view of the world” and replace it with queer alternatives, emphasizing “gender non-conformity” and “gender and sexual diversity.”

“Sacramento Unified has been working on this for a decade,” Rufo also noted in a Twitter thread introducing his report. “In 2012, the district invited academic queer theorist Elizabeth Meyer to conduct a leadership presentation on how to launder ‘queer pedagogy’ into the K-12 system and create ‘sexual diversity.’”

“It’s the standard academic slop: Western society has created a ‘Heterosexual Matrix,’ composed of ‘Hegemonic Masculinity,’ ‘Emphasized Femininity,’ ‘Heteronormativity,’ and ‘Heterosexism,’ that underpins an oppressive system of ‘patriarchy,’ ‘homophobia,’ and ‘transphobia,'” he continued.

“The presentation recommended separate rules for straight and gay teachers: heterosexual teachers were told to keep their sexuality a secret from students, while LGBT teachers were told to ‘consider coming out to your employer, and if you get their support, your students/school,'” Rufo added in his thread.

“Another document tells non-trans school employees to confront their ‘cisgender privilege’ and adopt a ‘transgender ally’ identity. ‘Does the state of your genitals cause you to fear violence should they be discovered?’ asked the questionnaire,” he tweeted.

Rufo went on to note that, according to the documents he obtained, the SUSD went “all-in” on gender transitions for children.

“In recent years, the district has gone all-in on child sexual transitions. One training document instructs school staff to ‘normalize gender exploration’ and affirm student transitions, which may lead to ‘hormones and/or surgery as validation of their emerging identity,'” he wrote.

The district also instructs teachers to keep a child’s sexual transition secret, even from “parents.”

“The district’s default policy is that teachers who facilitate a child’s sexual transition must keep it a secret from families. ‘School personnel should not discuss information that may disclose a student’s transgender or gender non-conforming status to others, including parents,'” he wrote, quoting a document.

The left’s war on our culture is raging and unless or until parents and taxpayers get involved and push back, this madness will only expand. Thank goodness for researchers like Rufo who are sounding the alarm.


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