Did John Kerry Lie About Taking Private Jet to Obama Bash?

Did John Kerry Lie About Taking Private Jet to Obama Bash?

In the hypocritical bash of the decade, Democrats decided to toss in a dash of lying deceit as well. Former President Barack Obama’s 60th birthday bash was a real treat for democratic politicians, celebrities, and frankly everyone who says we should not be having birthday bashes. But what’s a celebration for the liberal elite without someone flying in on a private jet…but denying they did it so as not to interfere with their progressive façade.

The Daily Mail published a photograph of John Kerry, a former Senator, former presidential candidate, Obama’s Secretary of State, and current “presidential envoy for climate” in the Biden administration, getting off of a private jet.

“Presidential envoy for climate John Kerry took a private jet to the island of Martha’s Vineyard” reported the Daily Mail with photographic evidence. Jerry Dunleavy posted the article and photo with the accompanying caption, “Obama B-Day Party: ‘Former senator & U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry was spotted along with TV presenter & comedian Stephen Colbert. Both men have homes on the island…Kerry took a private jet to the island of Martha’s vineyard.”

A State Department spokesperson denied the claims in an email stating, “Secretary Kerry lives on Martha’s Vineyard, he did not travel there for a party. He took a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, he did not fly (commercial or private.)”

The caption appears to have been removed from the original story, reported Summit News, but “Fox digital editor Peter J. Hasson tweeted, ‘Flight records confirm that this was the Kerry family private jet.” The Washington Times also reported Kerry’s private jet landed in Martha’s Vineyard before Obama’s party.

“The website Flight Aware said that a private jet identified in previous media reports as the Kerry family plane landed Friday in Martha’s Vineyard, coinciding with Mr. Obama’s 60th birthday bash on his compound at Martha’s Vineyard,” states the Washington Times.

Is the State Department is lying? Is the image of Kerry exiting the plane is from a different trip? One critical question remains: will Greta Thunberg be appropriately chastising Kerry for his hypocritical jet use?


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