Diaper-Clad Toddlers Spew Profanities, Hit, Throw Rocks At Minnesota Police: Video

Diaper-Clad Toddlers Spew Profanities, Hit, Throw Rocks At Minnesota Police: Video

A truly shocking video has emerged showing toddlers in Minnesota behaving badly towards police officers and federal agents who were executing a search warrant on a murder suspect.

According to reports, the incident occurred in St. Paul; officers were greeted by several mostly naked children who “punched, kicked, cursed, and threw rocks at them” according to Alpha News, a local independent media outlet that also posted a short video of the encounter “as part of a report on how kids are groomed to disrespect police from their earliest days, often leading to a life of crime,” BizPac Review reported.

Alpha News, which describes itself as being “a team of independent journalists seeking out and reporting stories that the citizens of Minnesota deserve to know, the same news that the mainstream media all too often refuses to report and routinely disregards,” posted a 32-second excerpt of the video.

BizPac noted further:

In the video, the two officers are seen with the children who are so young that some are still in diapers and who berate them with profanity with one toddler taking a swing at one of the cops and spewing profanity including “f**k off” as an off-camera voice encourages them and refers to the black officer as a “deep-fried Oreo head” in the scene of what could be the early days of a potential future criminal.

WATCH: (Warning: Extreme language)

“What’s the product of grooming children to disrespect police officers and other forms of authority? We are essentially training them to disregard societal norms of behavior and hindering them from achieving success in life. In short, we’re cultivating future criminals,” Sheila Qualls of Alpha News noted.

“Add 10 years to the age of these children and their behavior would be deemed delinquent. Add 20 years to their age, and their faces might end up as pictures on T-shirts after a violent encounter with the law,” she noted further.

She went on to draw comparisons between the toddlers and the criminals who ran amok during the summer of 2020, following the murder of George Floyd in nearby Minneapolis.

“The behavior of these children is eerily similar to the behaviors of rioters who burned and looted Minneapolis two years ago,” she wrote.

Two years later, crime is off the charts in the Twin Cities with most categories of violent crime way up in Minneapolis in 2022, according to data from the city’s police department.

“These children are the result of a social experiment gone bad. They are casualties of the War on Poverty introduced by the progressive left under President Johnson in the 1960s. Since that time, the black community and society as a whole have been suffering the consequences,” Qualls writes.

“When children like these are eventually arrested or even killed because they have never learned to respect authority, progressives and the media use their deaths as an opportunity to advance the faulty narrative of inherent racism in America,” she continued.

“While the left constantly bemoans systemic racism, the evidence suggests something different. It does not point to racism. It does not point to white privilege. And it certainly does not point to police brutality. It points to the problem in the black community that no one ever talks about: the high percentage of fatherless homes,” she added.

“Point to the obvious, and you’re ridiculed. If you’re white, you’re called racist; if you’re black, a sellout.”


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