DeSantis Rips 'Chameleon' Charlie Crist After He Shuns, Insults GOP Governor's Voters

DeSantis Rips 'Chameleon' Charlie Crist After He Shuns, Insults GOP Governor's Voters

GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida has a message for his Democratic gubernatorial challenger in November: ‘Your time is up.’

In an interview Wednesday with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, the Republican leader responded to remarks from Dem Rep. Charlie Crist, a former GOP governor of the Sunshine State who disavowed DeSantis voters.

“Those who support the governor should stay with him and vote for him. I don’t want your vote. If you have that hate in your heart — keep it. I want the vote of the people of Florida who care about our state. Good Democrats, good independents, good Republicans — unify with this ticket,” Crist told reporters this week.

In response, DeSantis noted that Crist is just a political “chameleon” who has spent most of his professional life running for office under whatever political banner he thought could help him win, suggesting his time has passed.

“He doesn’t want your vote. You’re morally beneath him. I’ve never seen a politician say that,” Carlson said after playing a clip of Crist’s incredible remarks.

“This is his fifth decade running for office, he’s a chameleon, typical career politician, but you know Tucker, people support me because I kept the state open and protected their jobs. Charlie Crist wanted it locked down, so that’s not hate in their heart, they’re just appreciative that they had a governor who was standing up for them,” DeSantis said.

“Parents around the state support me because we made sure schools were open and we’re working to make sure that they get education, not indoctrination,” he added. “That’s not hate in their heart, they’re just appreciative they have a governor that’s fighting for them.”

Carlson replied, “It’s kind of weird to see Charlie Crist look down his nose at voters. Is there anyone in the state who is more morally suspect than Charlie Crist who’s registered to vote that you’re aware of?”

“I don’t think you can. He’s not one to be casting stones,” DeSantis said, chuckling. “What he says, he claims, that he wants to unify Florida. He says he wants a Florida for all and then you condemn a majority of people in the state of Florida.

“Give me a break, and the thing about what I’ve done is — you know, we’ve done issues that people across the spectrum have been able to agree with, and that’s really what it’s all about. It’s not hating the other side, but having policies that a majority can agree with,” he added.

Crist’s comments were compared to similar remarks from eventual 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who described Trump’s voters as a “basket of deplorables.”

The DeSantis campaign made quick work of Crist’s remarks.

Christina Pushaw, the GOP governor’s former spokeswoman who has since joined DeSantis’ campaign, tweeted: “[C]harlie, your terms are acceptable.”



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