DeSantis Rails At Biden For Holding School Lunches Hostage Over Gender Activism

DeSantis Rails At Biden For Holding School Lunches Hostage Over Gender Activism

An upset Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis tore into the Biden administration on Sunday over its threat to withhold school lunch funds from any state that refused to implement a radical gender ideology agenda.

Hailing the state’s 2022-2023 “Freedom First Budget,” the GOP governor said he plans to ensure that Florida is prepared to battle the administration if it strips away funding for public school lunch programs due to the state’s move to ban teachers from presenting gender identity and sexual identity materials and curriculum to children in kindergarten through third grade.

“In Florida, we are fighting against Biden’s intentionally destructive policies like denying school lunches for states that refuse to implement woke gender ideology in the schools,” DeSantis tweeted on Sunday in a post that contained a video clip of his remarks.

“We’re prepared for what Biden throws our way,” DeSantis said. “And, you know, yes, part of it’s the inflation and the gas — part of it are intentionally destructive policies like trying to deny school lunch programs for states that don’t do transgender ideology in the schools, I mean, give me a break!”

“Totally off his rocker to be doing that,” the governor continued. “We’re fighting on that, don’t worry. So we’re just prepared to be able to defend the taxpayers and the hard-working people in the state of Florida, and I couldn’t be prouder for doing that.”

DeSantis was responding to reports that the Biden administration plans to tie programs that provide free or reduced-cost lunches to students and state policies with a demand that states adopt transgender non-discrimination policies (even though transgender students are already protected under equality statutes and the equal protection clauses of the Constitution).

The Department of Agriculture, which is responsible for distributing school lunch program funding, said the move is in response to President Biden’s executive order expanding Title IX to include discrimination based upon sexual orientation or gender identity.

“Schools awarded money from the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS), an agency within USDA, must specify in their policies that discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation is prohibited, the department announced in May. It also said allegations of such discrimination must be investigated,” Fox News reported.

Fight for Schools Executive Director Ian Prior told Fox News, “What you’re seeing here is really the Biden administration saying, ‘You’re going to do what I want or I’m going to take your lunch money.’ For the federal government to come in and really tie school nutrition and school lunch programs to this radical ideology is terrifying, and it’s appalling.”

DeSantis is not the only governor to push back on the radical left-wing ideology coming from the Biden regime.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem has vowed to take the administration to court if it denies her state taxpayer-funded school lunch money.

“President Biden is holding lunch money for poor Americans hostage in pursuit of his radical agenda,” Noem said in a statement Thursday morning. “He is insisting that we allow biological males to compete in girls’ sports or else lose funding for SNAP and school lunch programs.”

“South Dakota will continue to defend basic fairness so that our girls can compete and achieve. I would remind President Biden that we have defeated him in litigation before and are ready to do so again,” the GOP governor added, making reference to her state’s lawsuit against the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) vaccine mandate, which the Supreme Court struck down in January.

“Mr. President, we’ll see you in court,” she added.


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