DeSantis Granted Grand Jury to Investigate Those Who "Mislead" or "Misrepresented" Benefits of COVID-19 Vaccines

DeSantis Granted Grand Jury to Investigate Those Who "Mislead" or "Misrepresented" Benefits of COVID-19 Vaccines

The Supreme Court of Florida has granted Governor Ron DeSantis a grand jury upon his request, that will investigate mRNA Covid-19 vaccines and their manufacturers.

The governor released a statement two weeks ago laying out his plan to request that the State Supreme Court convene a jury to investigate “any and all wrongdoing” that Big Pharma may have had a role in.

The state will require that big Pharma company provide data on safety and the benefits of Covid-19 vaccines.

The state’s statement released its plan to hold “the federal government and Big Pharma accountable,” including:

• Establishing the Public Health Integrity Committee. The Committee will be overseen by the Surgeon General to assess federal public health recommendations and guidance to ensure that Florida’s public health policies are tailored for Florida’s communities and priorities.

• Filing a petition for a Statewide Grand Jury to investigate crimes and wrongdoing committed against Floridians related to the COVID-19 vaccine.

• Leading further surveillance into sudden deaths of individuals that received the COVID-19 vaccine in Florida, based on autopsy results. The state will collaborate with the University of Florida to compare research with studies done in other countries.

The Biden Administration and pharmaceutical corporations continue to push widespread distribution of mRNA vaccines on the public, including children as young as 6 months old, through relentless propaganda while ignoring real-life adverse events. At today’s roundtable the Governor and health experts discussed data covering serious adverse events. These risks include coagulation disorders, acute cardiac injuries, Bell’s palsy, encephalitis, appendicitis, and shingles.

“Health care professionals should always communicate the risks of a medical intervention to their patients in a manner that is clinically appropriate and meets standards of ethical practice. President Biden and Big Pharma have completely prevented that from happening – it is wrong,” said Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo. “With these new actions, we will shed light on the forces that have obscured truthful communication about the COVID-19 vaccines.”


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