Denver Elementary School Receives Backlash For Participating In Black Lives Matter Week Of Action

Denver Elementary School Receives Backlash For Participating In Black Lives Matter Week Of Action

An elementary school in the Denver area is coming under fire for forcing its young students to take part in a blatantly racist “Black Lives Matter” event, according to published reports.

Centennial Elementary School received a heap of backlash after it announced it would participate in the Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action which takes place between Jan. 31 through Feb. 4, the Colorado Gazette reported. The paper said that the national annual event “encourages schools and educators to teach students about racial justice using 13 guiding principles: restorative justice, empathy, loving engagement, diversity, globalism, transgender affirming, queer affirming, collective value, intergenerational, Black families, Black villages, Black women and unapologetically Black.”

For anyone wondering whether this is an overtly racist construct, substitute the word “white” or “Hispanic” or “Asian” for “black.”

The group Parents Defending Education posted the guiding principles online, which then led to the backlash against Centennial Elementary School (and rightfully so).

Erika Sanzi, the outreach director for the organization, rightfully called the guiding principles “indoctrination” and bordering on “abuse.”

“It is preposterous and wholly inappropriate to teach 5- and 6-year-olds that they must commit to being trans-affirming and queer affirming and in favor of disrupting the nuclear family,” Sanzi noted in a statement. “If a parent wants to raise these subjects at home, that is one thing, but in a classroom, it is nothing more than social engineering and a theft of childhood by the state.”

The newspaper adds:

The school said the event aligns with the Black Excellence Resolution signed by the Denver school board in 2019 to improve the school experience for Black students. This will be the second year Centennial Elementary School has participated in the BLM at School Week of Action.

Of the 424 students who attend Centennial Elementary School, only three identify as African American, according to the Denver Public Schools website. Over 56% of the students — 239 — are white, 156 are Hispanic, 22 are of multiple races and four are Asian or Pacific Islander.

The school responded with a boilerplate excuse — that in order to be a more ‘diverse society,’ they feel compelled to exploit the diversity for the benefit of one ethnic group over another.

“We are creating spaces to start important age-appropriate conversations about how our unique perspectives and experiences are contributions to our society that should be celebrated,” said a school statement. “We are committed to developing critical thinkers who better understand problems in our society and work together to find solutions to those problems.”

None of that makes any sense, of course; you don’t employ racism in order to combat racism unless your objective is to create suspicion and sow division. The same school, in December, announced a “Families of Color Playground Night,” though presumably, white parents also pay taxes to support the school and its grounds.

School officials claimed that the event came in response from ‘parents of color.’

“Our school leaders met with some of the black families whose children attend our school to determine ways for these families to feel more included in our school community,” said a spokesperson.. “Some of these families shared with us that, since the only time many of them see one another is at drop-off and pick-up times, we host some events where black families can meet one another, connect with one another, and share their experiences about the school with one another.

“We are honoring their request. All families are welcome to attend all of our events, and families from a variety of backgrounds have done so,” the spokesperson added.

But obviously, this ‘curriculum’ isn’t just about race; it’s about shaping attitudes regarding certain lifestyles and behaviors preferred by the left. And as they have done for decades, leftists are pushing their views on our impressionable children.

No wonder more and more parents are showing up to school board meetings and demanding an end to this nonsense.


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