Democrat Delusion: As Afghan Falls to Terror, Schumer Dances and Pelosi Holds Unmasked Pricey Napa Fundraiser

Democrat Delusion: As Afghan Falls to Terror, Schumer Dances and Pelosi Holds Unmasked Pricey Napa Fundraiser

Videos released of how prominent Democrats spent their weekends show just how removed from reality they are. Completely tactless, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) danced backstage with late-night comedian Stephen Colbert during the “We Love NYC” Homecoming Concert in Central Park Saturday night. California Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi enjoyed a bougie Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) retreat in Napa Valley.

While the rest of the country was not in denial of the world’s desperate state of affairs, the two famous Democrats enjoyed the very events and freedom to choose not to wear a mask that they have stripped from their constituents.

The video of Schumer dancing in Central Park was tweeted by New York City Mayor Bill d Blasio spokesman Bill Neidhardt. “There were reportedly thousands of people at the ‘Homecoming Concert’ but Democrats and the media made no mention about it being a possible superspreader, as they did with an outdoor event attended by thousands of people in South Dakota just days ago” reports Fox News.

Critics immediately took to Twitter posting the video alongside comments such as “what an embarrassment – thousands of Americans are trapped millions of miles away in a war-torn country, the leader of the free world is ‘on vacation’ at Camp David, and @SenSchumer is dancing the night away. Our worst enemies are laughing at us.”

Another user wrote, “If Chuck Schumer wants to spend a joyous night rocking out in Central Park while Kabul is a mess and Biden is up to his neck in hot water, then h should get a job besides Majority Leader.”

The video of Pelosi unmasked talking to wealthy DCCC donors, also all unmasked, about “critical issues” was first posted by New York Times reporter Kenneth Vogel. Republican Kevin McCarthy tweeted the video of Pelosi with the caption, “Speaker Pelosi wants to lock you down again while she wines and dines with her political donors. It’s utter hypocrisy.”

Pelosi was not only criticized by the event where everyone sat unmasked in close proximity for its hypocrisy, particularly in a state full of vaccine mandates and repeated shutdowns, but also the lack of diversity in the DCCC attendants was quite obvious.


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