Defiant Biden Blasts 'Elites' Trying To Force Him Out

Defiant Biden Blasts 'Elites' Trying To Force Him Out

It appears that reality is not a friend to President Joe Biden.

The president appeared on the MSNBC show “Morning Joe,” which has spent his entire presidency acting as an infomercial for him, which meant he was not going to get any hard hitting questions, and he still managed to make himself look ridiculous.

During the interview, which was more of a pro-Biden love fest, the president attacked the “elites” in the Democrat Party as if he is not one of them.

“I’ve got a pretty good political instinct and eye. Here’s the deal. It’s not going to happen here this time around. The American public is not going to move away from me — as an average voter,” the president said.

“Again, I’m here for two reasons, pal. One, to rebuild the economy for hard-working middle-class people to give everybody a shot, a straight shot. Everybody gets a fair chance, number one,” he said.

“Number two, remember about all this talk about how I don’t have the black support? Come on! Give me a break. Come with me. Watch. Watch,” he said before getting more agitated.

“I’m getting frustrated by the elites — no, I’m not talking about you guys — the elites in the party. Oh, they know so much more. If any of these guys don’t think I should run, run against me. Announce for president, challenge me at the convention!” the president said.

“On Europe, the polls were wrong in France. There’s no right wave or tide here in America either,” he said, ignoring the fact that the right gained more seats in Parliament than any other party.

“By the way, in case you’re wondering whether there is one, have you ever seen Trump run away so fast from what he’s for? You know he’s going to do it anyway. I mean, he’s such a liar. Everybody knows what they’re planning to do. Now they say, “No, no, no,” he said before lying.

“This guy is going to rip away at a woman’s right to choose in a permanent way. This guy is going to make sure he exacts revenge. This guy is going to destroy democracy. This guy is going to give a blank check to the Supreme Court and use his past — the 2025 agenda. This guy is extremely dangerous. He doesn’t speak up for now what he really is for. All of a sudden, he’s realizing, oh, my God, nobody is for what I’m for!” he said.


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