DeBlasio’s Worst Week This Year: NYC has 46 Shooting Incidents Over 7-Day Period

DeBlasio’s Worst Week This Year: NYC has 46 Shooting Incidents Over 7-Day Period

In just one week, 46 shooting incidents occurred in New York City, resulting in 50 victims, according to the New York Post.

The shootings represent a shocking 250 percent increase from the same week just one year ago.

The Post reports:

Last year, the NYPD says it logged 12 shootings with 14 victims during the same time  — more than a month into the city’s COVID-19 lockdown, according to the weekly Compstat data.

But the same week in 2019 saw nearly identical figures.

This weekend alone recorded nearly two dozen shootings to cap off the violent week, according to police. 

The nearly year-long trend in gunplay began last spring as New Yorkers grappled with the first wave of COVID-19.

According to NYPD data, 2021 has seen 376 shootings with 416 victims. 

“The mayor announced his policing plan to curb the gun violence last week, but nearly all of the measures were implemented in 2020, including the ‘Summer All Out’ initiative that failed to slow a months-long surge in shootings,” writes the Post.

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Dem Policies Put Lowest Number Of Cops On Streets In Years, Crime Rises 166%

Democratic leadership has been hostile towards police and law enforcement, and the very unfortunate reality is that it is getting their constituents killed. “New York City saw another huge increase in gun crimes last month as the NYPD’s chief of crime control strategies says the agency is coping with the lowest number of cops on the streets in six years,” reports CBS News.

Numbers don’t lie and these are screaming alarm of high murder rates. “The city saw a 166% increase in shooting incidents in August – 242 compared to 91 in August 2019…In addition, murders are up 47% for the month, with 53 this year versus 36 in August 2019” CBS New York reports. “There is too much killing,” said one Brooklyn resident. “I’m tired of it. Every night there’s guns shooting.”

Even Democrats should be able to follow simple math leading to the devastating consequences. “The increase comes as the NYPD has seen a dramatic drop in manpower due to a combination of $1 billion in defund-the-police budget cuts, no overtime, no new police class, and a dramatic increase in the number of police officers retiring” cites CBS.

Michael LiPetri, the NYPD’s chief of crime control strategies, explained the numerical details. “We have calculated that approximately 2,000 to 3,000, maybe even 4,000 fewer officers are out on the streets for any given week” said LiPetri. In areas where crime has dramatically increased has greatly suffered from the lack of police presence. “That’s where the overtime was going last summer. The overtime was going to the most violent commands in New York City” said LiPetri.

Are Cuomo and de Blasio concerned by the consequences of their legislation? No. As a matter of fact, Mayor Bill de Blasio “is putting his faith in community violence interrupters, known as Cure Violence groups” over police forces. “We’ve seen stunning success in the past. We know it will take root here again. But everyone is still trying to come back from massive disruption. We’re not going to see an overnight turnaround” de Blasio said.

However, even the Cure Violence group says of the fighting crime task, “it’s something that we can’t take personal responsibility, which is an entire precinct’s stats. Our work is concentrated in very small target areas” said group member A.T. Mitchell. In essence, de Blasio is saying to those whose neighborhoods are riddled with bullets, “deal with it.”

Minneapolis Residents Demand Law and Order and Sue City Over Violent Crime Wave

Minneapolis residents have had enough! No longer do they want to sit back and watch the city council, which is made up of 12 democrats and 0 republicans, destroy their city.

The Blaze writes:

According to KMSP-TV, eight residents have sued the city over what they say is insufficient policing that has left residents fearing for their lives amid the violent crime wave. In fact, the lawsuit claims there are currently fewer sworn officers employed with the Minneapolis Police Department than what is required by the city charter.

Minneapolis police officers found the riots following George Floyd’s death on May 25 so traumatic, in fact, that as of July, about 200 officers, or 20% of the city’s police force, had applied to leave the force, the New York Times reported.

The council promised to abolish the police department but is now feeling the effects of their dangerous rhetoric and beginning to backtrack.

City Council member Andrew Johnson said the promise was made “in spirit,” Councilmember Phillipe Cunningham claimed their rhetoric was “up for interpretation,” and Council President Lisa Bender said, “I think our pledge created confusion in the community and in our wards,” the New York Times reported.

Even after all this, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey plans a police budget cut next year of $14 million.

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