Dan Bongino Accuses Joe Biden Of Being Accomplice To Tens of Thousands of American Drug ODs

Dan Bongino Accuses Joe Biden Of Being Accomplice To Tens of Thousands of American Drug ODs

Fox News host and top daily talk radio host Dan Bongino ripped President Joe Biden on Sunday over his lax immigration and border enforcement policies, while accusing him of being complicit in the drug overdose deaths of tens of thousands of Americans.

Bongino’s remarks come as record numbers of illegal migrants continue streaming into the country along the U.S. border with Mexico, along with similar record numbers of illicit drugs — mostly fentanyl, much of which is now being manufactured by Mexican drug cartels using ingredients supplied by China.

“Listen, I had a bad week, and I’ve had it with the Biden administration. I’m done. My goose is cooked here. Joe Biden is a disgrace to humankind,” Bongino began.

“He is — he’s completely turned his back on the disastrous crisis on our southern border. And because of that, he is a direct accomplice to the mass murder of thousands of American citizens. Listen, I use my words carefully and very deliberately, and I mean every single word of that. Before you say, ‘Hey, slow down,’ let’s take a look at the definition of the word accomplice,” Bongino, a former NYPD officer and Secret Service agent, continued, per Fox News.

“According to Merriam-Webster, an accomplice is: ‘One associated with another, especially in wrongdoing.’ Keep that in your head as I go through the rest of this here,” he went on.

“It’s a fact, our kids are being intentionally killed and poisoned, intentionally using fentanyl brought in through the border by drug cartels in Mexico, and it originates with the Chinese Communist Party, the chemicals for the fentanyl. Listen, the stats don’t lie, folks. They don’t lie,” he added.

“U.S. overdose deaths in the year ending in February of 2022 surged nearly 20 percent in just one year. And the number’s going up, it’s not going down. But what happens when thousands of these same migrants are put on busses at the border and sent to blue cities like Washington, D.C.? Suddenly it’s a crisis so overwhelming, the Democrats demand federal intervention,” he said, likely a reference to pleas — and criticism — from Democrat mayors in Washington and New York City who have recently complained about migrants sent by the busload from Texas and Arizona over the past several months.


As for the drugs, in late July Fox News interviewed Dr. Corinne Stern, a county medical examiner based in Laredo, Texas, who said she’s seen an unprecedented increase in fentanyl OD deaths over just the past year.

“Prior to 2021, it was rare for me to see a fentanyl death in this office,” she said. “Now, I would say at least half of my drug overdoses have fentanyl.”

“These overdoses are impacting all ages,” added Bobbi Jo O’Neal, coroner for Charleston County, S.C., in an interview with Fox News.

“From old or young, teenagers, up into their 80s … all demographics,” she said. “It can say Xanax on the pill, or they have the coding — but they can be fake and they are actually fentanyl.”

According to reports, China banned fentanyl in 2019, but China-based vendors continue to export it to the U.S., while ingredients for making the drug are also ‘exported’ to the cartels.

NPR reported in November 2020:

For years, China has been a primary source of fentanyl trafficked into the United States. It is a powerful prescription drug for severe pain that’s made and sold illegally. It led to more than 37,000 overdose deaths in the U.S. in 2019, part of a national opioid crisis that has worsened this year during the coronavirus pandemic, according to federal health authorities.

Under international pressure, China’s government banned the production and sale of fentanyl and many of its variants in May 2019, resulting in a significant reduction in the country’s illicit fentanyl trade.

But more than a year later, Chinese vendors have tapped into online networks to brazenly market fentanyl analogs and the precursor chemicals used to make fentanyl, and ship them directly to customers in the U.S. and Europe as well as to Mexican cartels, according to an NPR investigation and research from the Center for Advanced Defense Studies, or C4ADS, a nonprofit data analysis group. 


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