Conservatives Manage to Flip School Boards Across Country

Conservatives Manage to Flip School Boards Across Country

Conservative candidates were able to flip scores of school boards around the country during this week’s elections as parents and others have become increasingly turned off by woke curriculum, including oversexualized materials in public schools.

While conservatives nationally did not pick up as many congressional seats as they had hoped for, on the local level, they performed much better.

Right-leaning candidates managed to flip at least nine school boards spread across at least six states — Michigan, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, and Florida — and gave them conservative majorities, according to a pair of parental rights organizations that endorsed several of the winning candidates. That meant that for many Americans, parental rights were definitely on the ballot.

“Last night was a disappointing night for Republicans in many parts of the country, but we’re happy to say we were very successful in key races in Florida, Oklahoma, Ohio, Maryland, which were by far the biggest places we targeted,” Aiden Buzzetti, head of coalitions and candidate recruitment for the 1776 Project PAC, told the Daily Caller on Wednesday. “We also officially flipped our 100th school board since our first election in November 2021.”

“We’re thrilled,” added Tiffany Justice, a co-founder of another group Moms for Liberty. “We were able to endorse over 500 parental rights candidates so far this year with 270 on the ballot yesterday.

“For us, starting an organization a little less than two years ago, and then having chapters across the country that have vetted and endorsed candidates in 270 races was a really big deal. That was an accomplishment in and of itself,” she told the outlet.

Justice told the Daily Caller before Election Day that Moms for Liberty encouraged voters to “vote like a mother” when they consider candidates, choosing those they believe would give them the most say and control over their kids’ education and, importantly, the materials they are exposed to.

“There’s no truer love than that of a mother for their child,” Justice told the outlet. “When we say ‘vote like a mother,’ it means vote, unabashedly for parental rights and for your children’s future. Don’t allow the hate or the noise to take you away from what you know to be true and right and good.”

The Daily Wire added:

In recent months, Florida has been the epicenter of the education culture war in some respects. Back in March, DeSantis signed a parental rights bill that prohibits classroom instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity in kindergarten through 3rd grade.

The Republican school board wins this week and earlier this year point to parents becoming an activated voter bloc. The victories may also point to a larger trend of conservatives gaining the upper hand nationally in the education debate.

In addition to parents and concerned citizens taking back schools from woke academics and left-wing board members, Turning Point USA co-founder and director Charlie Kirk has been active in this realm as well.

In June, Kirk announced the first of a planned nationwide network of private schools that are focused on teaching “classic, pro-American” curriculum along with a full rejection of critical race theory, “wokeism,” and “anti-American ideas.”

Kirk launched Turning Point Academy, the first of which will be a collaboration with Dream City Christian School, a current K-12 private school in Arizona that is expecting more than 600 students by this fall.

“Dream City Christian is an amazing collaborator in this project and we’re so grateful to do this together,” Kirk told Fox News. “They already have an amazing start, including a physical school, a faculty, and much of the groundwork laid.”

“Turning Point Academy, for our part, is uniquely positioned to take the school to the next level,” Kirk said, noting his organization’s role in helping shape pro-America education for a decade.

“We have access to some of the best educational resources, teachers, academics and curriculums this country has to offer – we can bring those to bear as we relaunch Dream City Christian as the first Turning Point Academy, ensuring it is a model for others to follow as we launch additional Turning Point Academies around the country,” he added.


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