College Football Games Across the Country Chant 'F**k Joe Biden'

College Football Games Across the Country Chant 'F**k Joe Biden'

It was college football mania over the Labor Day weekend, and there was one main repetitive theme across the country: a love for college football, and a disdain for U.S. President Joe Biden. Twitter account Old Row Sports picked up on and retweeted videos from multiple football games across the country, in which fans broke out into “F**k Joe Biden” chants.

The Daily Caller News Foundation writes, “Were college football fans on a roll this weekend or were they on a roll? After most of the fans were kept out of stadiums in 2020, millions showed up in full force for week one with energy unlike anything I’ve seen before.”

“Even outside of the anti-Biden chants, stadiums were on fire. Whether it was Madison or Blacksburg, a clear message was sent to America that days of staying inside forever are long gone.”

Old Row sports reported the anti-Biden chants at the Coastal Carolina football game, Virginia Tech, tweeting, “ITS NOW A MOVEMENT” as well as chanting footage from the Aggies and Auburn games.

David Hookstead’s tweets were filled with less foul language, but the same message of unity. Hookstead retweeted Fox College Football’s official account which had video of the Wisconsin Badgers game and the caption, “JUMP AROUND IS BACK AND IT HAS NEVER HIT HARDER.” Hookstead added, “More than 50 college football games were played Saturday in packed stadiums across America, and it was beautiful. The fear mongering mob telling people to stay inside forever lost, and they lost in a big way.”

As DCNF writes, this is just what America needs right now. Unity, veterans being honored, camaraderie and football!


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