College Ripped Over 'Womynx History Month' Promotion Before Switching to Another Absurdity

College Ripped Over 'Womynx History Month' Promotion Before Switching to Another Absurdity

A college in Missouri, of all places, is taking fire for a goofy promotion regarding women’s history.

Specifically, Northwest Missouri State University (NMSU) is promoting “Women’s History Month” by changing to new words for woman, according to the school’s website.

The school announced “Womynx History Month” Friday in a press release, using the unusual word a total of eight times. Events mentioned in the first release included a reception and recognition of “Influential Womynx.”

But the absurdity did not end there.

The university then changed its press release late Tuesday or early Wednesday, replacing the word “womynx” with “womxn,” and renaming “Northwest’s Womynx History Month Committee” as “Northwest’s Womxn History Month Committee.”

“To commemorate Womynx History Month, Northwest will host a variety of activities throughout the month of March,” the college posted on Twitter Tuesday. “The theme for this year’s celebration is ‘Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.’”

“It is vital that we celebrate Women’s History Month at Northwest to recognize the many achievements of influential women that usually go unnoticed, and to acknowledge the role Northwest’s women have played in delivering care and spreading the spirit of hope,” Dr. Giselle Greenidge, an assistant professor of sociology and a member of Northwest’s Womynx History Month Committee, said, according to Fox News. “Women worldwide are the predominant providers of informal care, and Northwest is no exception.”

It’s likely that the change, as equally goofy as the first promotion, came in response to NMSU being blasted on social media.

“What the hell is Womynx??” Libs of Tik Tok tweeted alongside a screenshot of the school’s since-deleted tweet.

The account also posted more examples and a final explainer.

Got that? ‘Inclusivity’ for the sake of using the word, not actually including anyone new or different. In short, just another lame, vacuous, empty stab at making propagandized leftist students feel like they’ve ‘done something’ for ‘the cause.’ Even when they’ve literally done nothing.

“It’s not a real word,” one Twitter user responded while another Twitter user said, “Another faux word invented by cultural Marxists.”

Words like “womyn” and “womxn” are popular with feminist groups who use the different spellings to avoid what they claim is rampant sexism (though the gerrymandered words still refer to ‘women’).

“Generally, womxn is used by people who consider themselves progressive, and are well-intentioned—if not sometimes misguided—in their inclusivity,” an explanation on states. “Womyn, on the other hand, has become an anti-trans term used by radical ‘feminists’ who incorrectly believe that trans inclusivity invalidates their plight. Their view of gender (that gender = genitals at birth) is reductive and harmful.”

Insanity; “genitals at birth” literally do determine gender.

We’re just ‘following the science.’


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