CNN's Brian Stelter Flails When Called Out Over Network's 'Disinformation' Regarding Hunter Biden's Laptop

CNN's Brian Stelter Flails When Called Out Over Network's 'Disinformation' Regarding Hunter Biden's Laptop

CNN is under new leadership after having been bought out by Discovery and there are rumors that the network is about to undergo some major programming changes because Discovery’s largest shareholder, John Malone, isn’t happy with the conga line of clowns who currently serve as hosts and personalities.

As in, Malone wants the network to get back to legitimate news coverage without all of the left-wing editorializing and refusal to cover topics that are embarrassing or harmful to the Democratic Party.

We’ll see if that happens but if so, goofballs like “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter could be on their way out, which isn’t a bad thing, as evidenced by the flailing ‘the tater’ did when he was confronted this week about his and his network’s “disinformation” campaign to downplay the significance of contents found on Hunter Biden’s now-infamous laptop.

Fox News notes that “Stelter was visibly uncomfortable when confronted by a college freshman about his network being a ‘purveyor of disinformation.'”

Stelter visited the University of Chicago on Thursday to participate in a panel discussion at the “Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy” conference.

Christopher Phillips, a college freshman at the university and writer at the conservative and libertarian newspaper The Chicago Thinker, confronted the CNN star, who has accused others of pushing “disinformation.”

“They push the Russian collusion hoax, they push the Jussie Smollett hoax, they smear Justice Kavanaugh as a rapist, and they also smeared Nick Sandmann as a White supremacist. And yes, they dismissed the Hunter Biden laptop affair as pure Russian disinformation,” Phillips said as he confronted Stelter. “With mainstream corporate journalists becoming little more than apologists and cheerleaders for the regime, is it time to finally declare that the canon of journalistic ethics is dead or no longer operative?”

He added: “All the mistakes of the mainstream media and CNN, in particular, seem to magically all go in one direction. Are we expected to believe that this is all just some sort of random coincidence or is there something else behind it?”

A clearly uncomfortable Stelter quipped, “It’s time for lunch!”

“There’s a clock that says 30 seconds, but I think my honest answer to you, and I will come over and talk in more detail after this… I understand that that is a popular right-wing narrative about CNN,” Stelter claimed. “I think it’s important when talking about shared reality and democracy, all these networks all these news outlets have to defend democracy. And when they screw up, admit it.”

Stelter continued avoiding Phillips’ line of questioning by pivoting to CNN assisting Fox News in Ukraine following the deadly attack on the Fox News team last month, showing how news outlets “work together,” which is something Stelter said, “we don’t talk about it enough.”

“And with regards to the regime, I think you mean President Biden? The last time I spoke with a Biden aide, we yelled at each other. So that’s the reality of the news business, that people don’t see, that people don’t hear,” Stelter said.

“They imagine that it’s a situation that simply is not. But I think your question, it speaks to the failure of journalism to show our work and show the reality of how our profession operates. We have a lot of work to do, I think,” he added.

Later, Phillips thanked Stelter on Twitter for following up with him after the panel discussion, but nevertheless wrote: “I am STILL wondering: if CNN is truly unbiased, WHY is every mistake they make an overstep in favor of Democrats and against Republicans??”

Stelter, apparently, never did address the crux of Phillips’ concerns and questions about why, at a ‘disinformation’ conference, the tater refused to address CNN disinformation.


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