CNN Analyst Says He'd Take 'Roll Of the Dice' On VP Harris

CNN Analyst Says He'd Take 'Roll Of the Dice' On VP Harris

CNN data reporter Harry Enten suggested on Monday that if he were a Democratic donor, he might consider “taking a roll of the dice” on Vice President Kamala Harris replacing President Joe Biden on the ballot.

During a discussion on “CNN Newsroom” with host Pamela Brown, Enten noted that despite Biden’s resistance to stepping aside following his challenging debate performance with former President Donald Trump on June 27—a performance marked by verbal gaffes and moments where the president seemed to freeze—polling indicated Harris might perform better with independent voters, the Daily Caller reported.

“If you take a look at the average of polls, in fact, she does slightly better than Joe Biden against Donald Trump,” Enten said. “While Joe Biden is trailing Donald Trump by three points nationally in an average of polls, Kamala Harris is only trailing Donald Trump by a single point. And the reason for that is, remember, we have the left part of this country, Democratic, we have the right part of this country, Republican, but elections tend to be won in the middle, among independents.”

“And look at this difference: Among independents, when you match up Joe Biden against Donald Trump, and Kamala Harris against Donald Trump, Donald Trump leads among independents when he’s against Biden by four points,” Enten continued. “Look at that match-up, though, against Kamala Harris. In fact, Kamala Harris is up five points. That is the big reason why Harris is doing better in the overall numbers against Donald Trump than Joe Biden is. She, simply put, does better with those voters in the middle.”

Interestingly, while a few of the most recent polls appear to suggest that Harris is popular on the left, she has consistently polled worse than Biden throughout their term in office. While Biden’s approval has fallen into the upper 30s, Harris’ approval was even worse.

Still, Biden on Monday sent a letter to Democratic congressional leaders vowing to remain in the race despite their insistence that he drop out.


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