Clay Travis: 'The More Biden Talks, The More Republicans Win'

Clay Travis: 'The More Biden Talks, The More Republicans Win'

Clay Travis, a conservative talk host and founder of, has responded to Joe Biden’s highly divisive prime-time speech on Thursday in which the president described at least half the country as, essentially, threats to our democratic republic.

In an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Friday, Travis said that Biden and Democrats have already lost a sizeable number of Americans with their rhetoric, and that more flow into the arms of Republicans with each hateful diatribe, especially people living in between the two coasts.

To begin the segment, Carlson referenced comments by Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s (D) reaction to Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s (R) decision to send illegal migrants to Chicago.

“This week the governor of Texas decided to test Lori Lightfoot’s commitment to racism. He began transporting illegal aliens from the border in Texas all the way to Chicago,” Carlson began.

“And why wouldn’t he do that? Lori Lightfoot has said emphatically she wants them in her city. She’s not a racist. You’re the racist. So, these migrants showed up. How did Lori Lightfoot respond? Well, Lori Lightfoot’s administration declared that this plan is… racist,” said Carlson, sarcastically. “So, it’s racist not to want illegal aliens in your city, and it’s racist when people send them.”

Carlson then suggested that Lightfoot’s hypocrisy was creating more GOP voters.

“This is really a recruitment experience,” said Carlson. “No one in the history of politics has created, single-handedly, more right-wingers than Lori Lightfoot.

“Imagine her in her new position in the Biden Administration screaming on NPR every morning… to tell you whether she’s decided whether you can use your electric car today or not,” he added. “If there is anything that will provoke a counter-revolution, it’s that. Lori Lightfoot may have genocidal impulses… but like the rest of our leaders she is too stupid to pull them off.”

Carlson then brought in Travis, who co-hosts a daily talk radio show with former CIA analyst Buck Sexton,

“Every time Joe Biden talks, Tucker, it’s the best possible advertisement for anyone who has a functional brain, because when they put him on vacation for like a month, his approval ratings started to go up. And then as soon as he started talking, his approval ratings came right back down,” Travis offered.

“The more Biden talks, the more Republicans win,” he noted further. “The idiocy reveals itself.”

Travis then speculated about what the atmosphere will be like in college football stadiums this year, as the new collegiate season kicks off, in recollection of last year when crowds chanted obscenities about Biden.

“Do you know where the real heartbeat of America is right now? It’s in the Big Ten, it’s in the SEC, it’s in all these states where Joe Biden’s party is going to get its ass kicked, where everybody is chanting ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ in the stands all season long. I love it,” he said.



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