City Officials Give Pathetic Response After 'Accidentally' Emailing Out Names of Unvaccinated Employees

City Officials Give Pathetic Response After 'Accidentally' Emailing Out Names of Unvaccinated Employees

City officials in Boston have produced one of the lamest excuses heard thus far for essentially ‘doxxing’ employees who have yet to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Officials of the famously liberal city (didn’t our country’s revolution against British tyranny start somewhere around there?) claimed that they “accidentally” disclosed information revealing around 100 employees who tested positive for the virus and had not yet been vaccinated, a report noted.

Resist the Mainstream adds:

The city’s human resources department sent an email out on Jan. 18 to about 100 employees notifying them that they had submitted information indicating they tested positive for COVID-19. The email – which had all names and emails visible on the chain – said policy changed to no longer allow continued testing and recipients would be required to become vaccinated or face possible disciplinary action.

“Under the City’s earlier policy, you submitted information related to a positive COVID-19 test result,” the initial email sent to the 100 or so out of compliance employees, obtained by the Boston Herald, said. “As continued testing is no longer allowed under the Policy, please be aware that you are required to become vaccinated in order to comply with the Policy if you have not already done so.”

A few days later, the HR department apologized to the same group of employees, the paper noted.

“Unintentionally and accidentally, we messed up,” the follow-up email said. “The communication was intended to be sent as a BCC so as to respect employees’ privacy. The wrong button got pushed and so the email was sent showing all email addresses.

“We apologize for the error,” the email continued. “We truly do take employees’ privacy interests seriously and have reviewed and improved our practices and guidelines to make sure this doesn’t happen again… We will do better. We thank you for your understanding.”

An official with the city’s HR department told the Boston Herald that recipients of the email were supposed to be blind copied, but at least one union representing some employees isn’t letting the city off that easily.

According to Fox News, a union that represents Boston Public Library staffers has already taken up the issue with the HR department and the Boston Office of Labor Relations over what has been described as a gargantuan medical privacy breach.

“People have to be held accountable for these kinds of actions,” said Elissa Cadillic of AFSCME Local 1526. “All of these people now know people’s business.”

Last fall, President Joe Biden issued an executive order requiring private employers, federal employees and contractors, and healthcare workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the order for healthcare workers, ostensibly because their employers receive federal tax dollars via Medicare and Medicaid payments, but the high court barred the employer mandate from taking effect.

And last week, a federal appeals court refused to reinstate Biden’s mandate for federal workers and contractors after a lower court struck it down.

Nonetheless, city and state employers, most of which are run by leftist Democrats, continue to impose vaccine mandates on their employees, as have many private employers and corporations, including, apparently, the city that birthed a revolution…against government mandates.


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