Chicago Teachers Union Preparing to ‘Pause In-Person Instruction’

Chicago Teachers Union Preparing to ‘Pause In-Person Instruction’

The Chicago Teachers Union is pushing for more than just a reinstatement of mask mandates. Claiming a “tough approach” against the coronavirus’ delta variant, the Union suggests schools cancelling in-person learning once again.

Fox News reports:

In a Wednesday letter addressed to Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Chicago Public School officials, and members of the school board, CTU said “new pandemic variants pose immediate threats to the health of all Chicagoans, but especially our unvaccinated student population.” 

CTU applauded Illinois Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s recent mask mandate for students returning to schools this fall, regardless of vaccination status, but said its “school communities need more than masking to ensure safety – especially as we continue to learn about the delta variant.” 

CTU listed recommendations for ensuring safety. Among these was the maintenance of criteria and health metrics based on the prevalence of COVID “to pause in-person instruction.” 

 Chicago’s Teachers Union has backup. Last week, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President Randi Weingarten alluded to the fact that schools reopening for the fall is not a done deal. Weingarten said, “so the bottom line is, we’re going to keep kids safe, we’re going to keep our members safe, we’re going to try to open up schools, and we’re going to move through this political battlefield.”


In the letter to Mayor Lightfoot, the Union also made some demands, writing “Also needed are: Ventilation upgrades, A COVID-19 testing plan for vaccinated and unvaccinated members of our school communities, maintenance of criteria and health metrics based on COVID prevalence to pause in-person instruction, Full-time contact tracers, nurses, social workers and counselors in every school building, a comprehensive home visit program to engage students and families in every school community.”


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