Charlie Kirk Exposes 'The Villain Behind the Villain of Public Health'

Charlie Kirk Exposes 'The Villain Behind the Villain of Public Health'

April of last year, Turning Point USA and released the above video explaining the lab leak theory titled, “China Lied, People Died: Inside China’s Death Labs.”  With each new report, leaked email or document, time is only proving the contents of the video.

Charlie Kirk’s recent podcast, “EXPOSING the Villain Behind the Villain of Public Health” Kirk discusses Dr. Peter Daszak, the British zoologist who is the “man behind the man” of gain of function research. Daszak, president of the New York-based EcoHealth Alliance, proposed working with the scientists of the Wuhan Institute of Virology to genetically enhance coronaviruses and release them into bat caves. Kirk says Daszak “has been calling the shots all along.”

Leaked documents show the proposal occurred 21 months before the global coronavirus pandemic. Daily Mail reports:

The experts wanted to genetically enhance coronaviruses and release them among bats in Yunnan — around 1,240miles (2,000km) south west of Wuhan — in the hopes it would stop new viruses jumping from bats to humans. 

The proposals set out plans to release a bat coronavirus featuring ‘novel chimeric spike proteins’ — which are spotted on Covid — into caves to innoculate them against the virus. 

They also wanted to create a genetically-enhanced virus that could infect humans easier, according to papers unearthed last night. 

Researchers asked the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) for $14.2million (£10.4million) cash to fund the project. But it turned the proposal down over concerns it would put ‘local communities at risk’.

 The documents, published by a team of academics investigating the origins of the pandemic, will add to growing suspicions that the coronavirus may have accidentally leaked from the high-level biosecurity laboratory in Wuhan.

Kirk says in his podcast Republicans, when given the opportunity, should “subpoena Daszak immediately, along with Fauci.” Kirk also explains how Daszak was able to “clean up his own mess” and “put himself into a scientific journal to cover his own interest” by refuting a lab-leak theory. has been accurately covering this for well over a year. In June emails of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). One correspondence was with the one and only Dr. Peter Daszak.

“While Fauci has been attempting to distance himself from having any knowledge of EcoHealth Alliance projects, including that of Dr. Peter Daszak…newly released emails detail the praise Daszak heaped upon Fauci for his dismissing of the lab-leak theory.”


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