Celebrity Climate Hypocrisy: Actors Burn More Jet Fuel Than Most Americans Use In a Year

Celebrity Climate Hypocrisy: Actors Burn More Jet Fuel Than Most Americans Use In a Year

Famous actor and known climate activist Harrison Ford has made so many trips on his private jet that he’s one of Hollywood’s biggest polluters.

Ford is the owner and user of a Cessna Citation Sovereign, his own multi-million-dollar private jet. That plane has made at least eight trips, spanning over 5,200 miles. Those trips have spewed 35 metric tons of carbon dioxide in just under two months, according to Celebrity Jets.

Comparatively, the average carbon footprint for a person in the United States is 16 tons per year, one of the highest rates in the world. Globally, the average carbon footprint is closer to 4 tons per year, according to nature.org. That means that Harrison Ford produced 8.75 times more carbon than the average human being does in a year, in just under 2 months with his plane alone.

This would be fine if it weren’t for Ford’s vocal disdain for those who don’t care enough about the climate as he claims to. Ford has made appearances at conferences and has called for governments to make changes to avoid global warming.

“It’s hard to read the headlines — floods, fires, famines, plagues — and tell your children that everything is alright,” he said last year at a climate conference in France. “It’s not alright. Damn it, it’s not alright. It’s alright to feel frustration, anxiety, and grief, but don’t run away from it. Cry out for justice, justice for mother nature.”

“The Earth has irreplaceable ecosystems rich in carbon and biodiversity,” he continued. “By preserving just a small fraction of these wetlands, tropical forests and mangroves, we can protect our wildlife, our air, water, food jobs and climate.”

“If we don’t stop the destruction of the natural world, nothing else will matter,” Ford said at the 2020 Global Climate Action Summit, reports Fox News.

“Over the last two months, the jet has frequently traveled to and from Los Angeles suburb Hawthorne, California, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Idaho Falls, Idaho, the flight tracking data showed,” reports Fox News.

It was also recently found that Steven Spielberg and Leonardo DiCaprio, two other big talkers, also polluted the earth more than any regular person could imagine, with Spielberg burning 179 metric tons of carbon in just a few short months.


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