Candace Owens SLAMS TDS Victim Sam Harris After He Says She's Not Worthy Of Having Opinions

Candace Owens SLAMS TDS Victim Sam Harris After He Says She's Not Worthy Of Having Opinions

Candace Owens, the conservative icon who recently teamed up with TPUSA to house her movement BLEXIT, has responded to author Sam Harris’s suggestion that she should not express her opinion on topics such as vaccines, climate change, and the war in Ukraine because she is not an “expert” in those areas.

“We’re swimming in a sea of misinformation, where you’ve got people who are moving the opinions of millions of others who should not have an opinion on these topics,” said Harris on a Lex Fridman’s podcast.

“Like, there’s no there is no scenario in which you should be getting your opinion about vaccine safety, or climate change, or the war in Ukraine, or anything else that we might want to talk about from Candace Owens. Like, she’s not a relevant expert on any of those topics. And what’s more, she doesn’t seem to care…. and she’s living in a culture that has amplified that not-caring into a business model, and an effective business model.”

Owens criticized Harris for being “authoritarian” and for implying that only “experts” can have opinions.

She argued that “the experts keep being wrong” and poked fun at Harris for being upset that she has a platform.

Owens also criticized Harris’s logic that people should only listen to experts, pointing out that experts have been wrong before.

She questioned why people should trust those who have financial motivations when they tell them to get vaccinated or to invest in certain stocks.

Owens sarcastically suggested that people should just listen to little Greta Thunberg, who skipped school to draw attention to climate change, since she is now considered an “expert” by those like Harris.

“They are, indeed, the experts. So just trust them. Trust little Greta Thunberg, she’s now an expert too. I know they keep being wrong,” she said. “And that is maybe the only thing I would say to Sam Harris. The experts keep being wrong. So what makes some experts? Why would you take your advice from Candace Owens about climate change?”

“Well, the experts have told us the world’s gonna end about 10 times since I’ve been born. The problem is it just keeps not ending, Sam,” the conservative commentator continued. “So maybe, call me crazy, maybe the experts are wrong. Maybe even us regular folk who are able to think have a right to express our opinions. Maybe we’re tired of being lectured by people who have degrees and are so convinced of their own superiority. You see what Sam Harris is, and what these quote-unquote ‘experts’ are, are authoritarians.”


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