Camp For Third-Graders To Teach ‘Gender Is A Spectrum' Using Condoms

Camp For Third-Graders To Teach ‘Gender Is A Spectrum' Using Condoms

The left’s assault on what remains of our culture is continuing, with these sycophants now openly and maliciously targeting our children.

As reported by The Daily Wire, the latest assault is taking place in northern Indianapolis over the summer.

“The ‘Sex Ed Summer Camp’ for students as young as seven is scheduled to get rolling this June,” the outlet reported Wednesday. “The camp is set to run June 6 to 10 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Half Liter BBQ, in the restaurant’s private banquet area.”

The outlet noted further that the cost of registration to the ‘camp’ was $200 until March 2, after which the price rose to $250 through the end of May.

The Daily Wire report linked to a flyer for the camp that said a condom demonstration would be part of the ‘festivities’ but that page has since been taken down (go figure).

However, the outlet quoted the page before it was removed: “At this age, kids are primed for level-headed learning. They are information-gatherers. There is no shame or ickiness associated with using bandaids and that same philosophy is applied to condoms and other barriers in this body-positive curriculum.”

Absolutely, positively sick; we’re talking kids, not adolescents or late teen adults.

The report continues:

In addition, the kids will not be separated by gender when learning about puberty, bodies, and sex because “gender is a spectrum” and “everyone needs to learn about all bodies,” the flyer states.

Children do have the option to “pass” on activities if they are uncomfortable because “this is one way Consent Culture is modeled.”

The kids will not be taught “values-based rules” such as “wait until marriage for sex,” and instructors will not tell campers anything that is not “scientific information,” according to the flyer.

The camp organizers use the Our Whole Lives curriculum, which, according to the flyer, “offers a positive, affirming take on puberty, human sexuality, and social emotional skills without coercive abstinence-based strategies” (though abstinence works 100 percent of the time to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies).

All families that wish to take part in the ‘camp’ are required to attend a mandatory orientation on May 28 in order to sign behavior agreements and waivers. “It is important that trust and complete understanding be established for us to teach this content,” the flyer cryptically explained.

The Daily Wire said that it attempted to contact the camp’s organizer, “sexuality educator” Ashley Robertson, for comment but she failed to respond (again, go figure).

“The other camp organizers include Jenna Phillips, a former early childhood educator who has two children with her wife,” the outlet reported. “Phillips says she is a ‘firm believer of positive sex education for children’ and supports LGBT youth in Indianapolis.

“Also running the camp is Cathy Miller, a teacher of 30 years, Robin, who goes by ‘any pronouns,’ Jennie Mentz, a parent and family coach, and Phoenix, a high school assistant described as a ‘trans queer individual,'” the report continued.

Purple Parents for Indiana, an advocacy group, sounded the alarm about the camp and warned on Facebook that parents should “keep your kids safe by not sending them to be sexually groomed.”

A parent group, Purple For Parents Indiana, is sounding the alarm about the sex-ed summer camp, warning parents on its Facebook page to “keep your kids safe by not sending them to be sexually groomed.”

“We believe parents need to be aware that individuals and organizations that prey on minors to break down their inhibitions are both tragic and criminal. We believe Ms. Ashley needs to be investigated along with the others individuals who appear to be working with her,” Rhonda Miller, president of Purple For Parents Indiana told The Daily Wire in an email.

In response — and because of course — Miller on a Facebook page dubbed “Let’s Talk About Sex Ed with Ms. Ashley,” called Purple Parents “a hate group.”


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