Calif. School District Employing CRT Curriculum Instructs Students To Cast Spells Over 'All Lives Matter'

Calif. School District Employing CRT Curriculum Instructs Students To Cast Spells Over 'All Lives Matter'

A California school district that has adopted reams of critical race theory curriculum actually encourages students to use witchcraft on anyone who says “all lives matter.”

The Campbell Union High School District has more than 100 “equity resources” students can access to learn about how horrible white people are and how little has really changed since the 1600s when the first European settlers came to what would become America.

The Federalist’s Spencer Lindquist, who went to the high school and documented all of the ways the school district attempted to “indoctrinate” him, writes:

The page serves as a vast library for CRT resources and features 60 different links, including a Google Drive folder with 45 different documents. The list made sure to include the full range of CRT buzzwords, with links like Raising Race Conscious Children, the infamous 1619 ProjectAnti-Racism for Beginners, and Social Identities and Systems of Oppression, among others.

One link takes you to an “Anti-Racism Resource List,” which teaches about “white fragility” and claims that racism can only be perpetrated by white people. One of the “resources” provided was a Trevor Noah speech labeled “Why rioting makes sense,” followed by an unhinged anti-white rant from Sonya Renee Taylor, demanding that white people “throw your white body” on police officers and “put their bodies on the line for the purpose of justice.”

The list also addresses white people when it says, “We are socialized into white supremacy from the moment we are born” before going on to say “It is about completely dismantling how you see yourself and how you see the world, so that you can dismantle … white supremacy.”

But there is another section called “Hex,” which informs readers: “Hexing people is an important way to get out anger and frustration.”

Yes, it really says that.

But as Lindquist notes, the section “becomes increasingly deranged, suggesting that those who say ‘all lives matter’ or commit ‘microaggressions,’ should be targeted.”

The section encourages: “Write your own hex poem, cursing that person.”


But that’s not the worst of it. The materials also have a section that is pure fantasy (as if magic spells aren’t, of course) titled, “A World Without Police,” which says that police and the military are “systems of institutions that … contribute to oppression,” though cops protect society and the U.S. military literally exists to fight tyrannical nations that would actually oppress Americans.

The section asks, “What would the world be like without them?” before asking readers to write a poem discussing “a world without these institutions.”

We would assume that poem would contain words and phrases like “chaos,” “mass death,” “authoritarianism,” “starvation,” “deprivation,” “destruction,” and — did we mention “mass death”?

“The district’s Board of Trustees supports this agenda, recently offering unanimous support for a resolution resolving to ‘dismantle institutionalized racism in our society and our school district’ and is ‘committed to … implicit bias training, Ethnic Studies, and resources that foster dialogue around the guiding principles of #BlackLivesMatter,'” Lindquist writes.

What’s odd is that the leftists who run public schools and institutions and corporations that adopt the mantra they are ‘dismantling institutionalized racism’ never seem to acknowledge that they, themselves, must have been enablers of same — otherwise, ‘institutionalized racism’ would not exist and thus not need to be ‘dismantled.’

“The full ramifications of our education system’s descent into leftwing radicalism is yet to be fully realized, although we can be certain that many of the students it doesn’t lose to homeschooling will be successfully transformed into ‘co-conspirators,'” Lindquist poignantly writes

“But as the rhetoric of revolution becomes standard for stodgy school administrators, its appeal to youth might wane,” he theorizes.

We can only hope.


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