Border Patrol Agents Cleared of 'Whipping' Migrants; Biden Punishes Them Anyway

Border Patrol Agents Cleared of 'Whipping' Migrants; Biden Punishes Them Anyway

It’s become plainer by the day that the administration of Joe Biden is literally the most politicized in modern history, even more so than that of Barack Obama — though plenty of Obama retreads are working for Biden.

This became evident again last week regarding the case of mounted Border Patrol agents Biden once accused — falsely — of “whipping” Haitian migrants trying to cross illegally into the country.

As reported by BizPac Review, the regime has had to admit that agents on horseback did not whip migrants last fall near Del Rio, Texas, but nevertheless, they are going to be punished anyway:

On Friday, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Office of Professional Responsibility released the long-awaited report into the smearing of the agents who were vilified by President Joe Biden, the media and Democrats who claimed that they used whips against the illegal immigrants, conjuring images of the dark days of slavery when the reality was that the “whips” were merely the reins of their horses.

In the 500+ page report on the incident, it was determined that there was “no evidence” that the agents involved struck the migrants with their reins, a finding that was confirmed by Biden’s CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus during a press conference.

“OPR investigators determined that the agents involved in the Del Rio activity were not carrying whips,” Magnus told reporters.

Why it took 500 pages to come to that conclusion is another story altogether.

He added: “Despite initial appearances, after a careful review and analysis of videos, photos and eyewitness accounts, this included an interview with the photographer on the scene and other members of the media, OPR found no evidence Border Patrol agents involved in this incident struck any person with their reins intentionally or otherwise.”

But this is a Democratic regime and the offense involved migrants of color, so the agents had to be found ‘guilty’ of something — and there were: Using “denigrating and offensive” language towards the migrants, as determined by “woke” bureaucrats acting on behalf of the White House. As such, they are going to be suspended without pay — while at the same time their ultimate boss and his party have created the most inflationary economy in a half-century.

Oh, and these disciplinary actions will become part of the agents’ permanent records.

“Multiple federal sources tell me the agents received their proposed discipline from CBP yesterday, and it includes unpaid suspensions of up to 14 days. The agents will have an opportunity to respond/fight the allegations,” Fox News’ border correspondent, Bill Melugin, reported on Friday.

Laughably, Mangus told the men and women of CBP before he announced the findings of the probe that “the agency would always support them despite pursuing charges” against the agents in question, according to The Daily Caller.

When CBP personnel “do the right thing,” the agency “will always stand behind you,” Magnus claimed in an email before announcing the results of the investigation.

CBP proposed charging at least one agent with “poor judgment” for instructing noncitizens “to go back to Mexico, or words to that effect” and for “unsafe conduct” for maneuvering the agent’s horse “in a way that caused a noncitizen to fall backward into the Rio Grande River … thereby compromising the safety of the noncitizen, yourself, and your horse,” according to documents earlier obtained by The Daily Caller.

One Border Patrol agent stationed along the chaotic open border Biden created via executive order on his first day in office said Magnus’ words are meaningless.

“This administration continues to crumble what’s left of morale and is taking the U.S. Border Patrol to irreparable levels of destruction,” the agent said. “Standing behind someone has now taken a different meaning. Trust in leadership has been cheapened.”

“We believe you are committed to doing the right thing even under the most difficult conditions and circumstances,” Magnus said in the email. “Because CBP is a professional law enforcement agency, we will learn from this incident and find ways to do better at multiple levels and in many key areas.”

If Magnus had an ounce of integrity, he would have taken the pension he has already earned and resigned rather than punish his agents. But he didn’t.

What a disgrace this entire administration has become.


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