Border City On Brink of Collapse Thanks to Biden's Open Borders Policies: Officials

Border City On Brink of Collapse Thanks to Biden's Open Borders Policies: Officials

A major city on the U.S.-Mexico border is literally on the verge of collapsing after being inundated with illegal migrants for nearly two years after President Joe Biden reversed most of former President Donald Trump’s immigration and border security policies.

According to Fox News, food banks are overloaded as well as hospitals and other services in Yuma, Ariz., with food insecurity for the city’s U.S. residents now on the rise, local officials say.

“Policies need to be changed when you see an unprecedented amount of people coming across the border that even supersedes what we saw under any of the other presidents for the past 30 years,” Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines told the outlet. “And they’re coming because they said that Biden told them to come, that we have an open border.”


“It will only get worse with Biden’s policies,” Lines added. “He needs to reassess.”

Roughly 5 million migrants have illegally crossed into the U.S. since Biden became president, according to Customs and Border Protection estimates. The U.S. Border Patrol’s Yuma sector has logged a 171 percent increase in migrant crosses during the two years of Biden’s regime.

CBP sources told the network that, over the same period, an estimated 1.2 million illegal aliens have escaped Border Patrol agents since Biden took office.

“The problem that we’re foreseeing right now is there’s a couple of big waves coming,” a Yuma resident and fifth-generation farmer, Hank Auza, told the outlet. “Yuma can’t support that. It will overwhelm the system here.”

Lines, Auza and another Yuma farmer, Alex Muller, all shared their concerns with the network, starting with the fear around food security since agricultural production makes up a large part of the town’s economy and is responsible for more than 93 percent of green leafy vegetables for the U.S. and Canada that are produced during the winter months.

“Our fields are monitored and audited and tested for different pathogens,” Muller, said. “You can’t have people walking through the field.”

There is also a healthcare crisis in the city, presently, that is getting worse, thanks to the influx of migrants.

“People have had a hard time getting into the hospital because the hospital has been so full of” illegal immigrants, Auza told Fox News.

Lines said he has extended an invitation to President Biden and Department of Homeland Security officials to come to Yuma to see for themselves the results of current policies, but so far, no one has bothered to take him up on it.

“I’ve invited them several times, and I would invite them again right now,” Lines said. “Please come and see for yourself.”


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