BLM Activist Shawn King Paid $40K for Guard Dog With Donor Funds, Then Defends It: Report

BLM Activist Shawn King Paid $40K for Guard Dog With Donor Funds, Then Defends It: Report

Black Lives Matter activist and poser Shawn King used donor funds from his political action committee to purchase a $40,000 guard dog from a breeder in California, according to a Tuesday report.

According to Grassroots Law, a non-profit PAC in which King is a co-founder, paid $40,650 to Potrero Performance Dogs earlier this year, federal election records note. The PAC works to elect far-left candidates to office who will push for “systemic change to end oppressive policing, incarceration, and injustice in this country” — code for ‘soft-on-crime’ policies critics blame for spiking violence and murder.

Payments that were made to the California breeder were described as “contract services,” but as reported by the Washington Free Beacon, the BLM activist welcomed ‘Marz,’ a black-and-brown spotted mastiff, as “a new member of the King family” on social media a few days after he made the purchase in February. According to the social media post, Marz was to provide “alertness and protection” for King’s family.

That said, the New York Post noted that King eventually returned the dog to the breeder and scrubbed his social media post or made it private.

Potrero’s Instagram page displayed a photo of the dog at an American Kennel Club winning “Best in Show,” adding, “He’s got a little too much energy to be a family dog, so he came back.”

But his page has also since been made private or deleted, according to reports.

The Daily Wire adds:

Per the Free Beacon, the Kings’ $40,000 dog cost nearly as much as the contributions made by the committee to political candidates since 2021, which totaled around $56,000.

Scott Walter, the president of Capital Research Center, a think tank investigating left-wing groups, told the Free Beacon that King’s dog expense might not be considered illegal for the PAC.

“But it shows little respect for King’s donors,” Walter said.

On Tuesday, King posted a picture of himself and his family on Instagram in response to the allegations. He said he has worked hard to protect and shield his family and ensure they are secure — from white people, of course.

“But I need you to know this so that you understand why our family not only needs a guard dog at home, but 24/7 security wherever we go. White supremacists and people who’ve meant my family harm have now shown up to our last three homes,” he claimed, adding: “Multiple times.”

The activist added that before defending his reasons for the manner in which he protects his family, he blamed a lack of security on the Tri-state area’s restrictive gun laws as well as news outlets he says have revealed where he lives, as well as phony police reports from strangers that he is abusive to his children.

King also claimed he has gotten hundreds of death threats from white supremacist organizations, police, military snipers, and others.

⁣“This is what my life has become. I spend more time each day now thinking about how to keep my family safe than I do doing the actual work I’m called to do,” he said.

⁣“So know this, when you see reports about the money it costs to keep me and my family safe, it’s nowhere near enough. Not at all. Not even close,” he added.

Separately, King explained on Instagram why his legal organization picked up the tab for the dog before later deciding to return him to the breeder.

“Marz was purchased to roam our property and roam our home and even protect us on the road,” King wrote, noting that Grassroots Law helped fund the cost of the dog because the organization takes care of all of his security needs.

“Compared to what 24/7 human security costs, Marz was affordable,” he added. “We made sure that the purchase was legal and compliant before making it.”


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