Black Students Lash Out After Being Punished For Harassing White Students

Black Students Lash Out After Being Punished For Harassing White Students

A pair of Arizona State University are furious after the school found them guilty of harassing two white, male students because they were in the college’s multicultural space and had stickers supporting police and not supporting President Joe Biden.

The students, Mastaani Qureshi, an undergraduate and Sarra Tekola a graduate student ranted in a video on Monday about being made to pen a three page paper as part of their punishment, The Daily Mail reported.

“Dear White People, A.K.A. ASU — You openly discriminated against us on November 16 when you handed down your decision from your racially biased investigation,” one of the young women, named Qureshi, said.

“We’re being persecuted for defending our multicultural center from racism and sexism … ASU is a violent place,” she said.

It is unknown what her definition of violence is, as in the original video it was she and her friend who were aggressive and confrontational with the white students.

In September 2021, the women filmed themselves rounding on the two white men who they claim were taunting them by wearing an anti-Biden shirt, toting a Chick-Fil-A cup, and using a laptop with a pro-police sticker.   

Qureshi and Tekola have now lashed out after they were punished for taking it upon themselves to ask the white students to leave for what they claim was ‘racist’ and ‘offensive’ stickers and a t-shirt. 

In their latest video, they condemned being ordered to write up how ‘next time, when they talk with white people about race and society they will be civil’  and to reflect on how they might deal with a similar situation in the future and ‘facilitate a civil dialogue’ about the purposes of a multicultural space. 

In its decision, the university said that it “expects that such dialogues will be both respectful toward other parties and mindful of the setting in which they occur.

“In this instance, the confrontation captured on video was not respectful dialogue, and its heated nature in an enclosed space where numerous other students were studying caused disruption to their activities as well as to the previously quiet study activities of the students who you confronted,” it said.

“ASU does not recognize the difference between equity and equality and refuses to center the most marginalized,” Tekola said.

And that distinction is important, as you likely have been hearing it used often, and will continue to hear it used.

It is the woke’s new catchphrase, but this is what it means. Rather than everyone have an equal opportunity, equity wants everyone to have an equal outcome.

For example, the student who studies and works hard and the student that smokes marijuana daily and parties hard, should both get to the same place.

The two students, who said they have been the subject of threats since their first video, ended this video by saying the ASU is number one at “ignoring marginalized students.”

“ASU refuses to protect students of color, and the world needs to know how they treat us here on this campus when we push to make it a better place for all,” they said.

For anyone who watched the first video of these two young women assailing the two white students for having pro-police stickers a Chik-Fil-A cup and a shirt that said, “Didn’t vote for Biden,” their claims are absurd.

They wanted to silence the white student’s free speech as they said, “You’re offensive. Police Lives Matter? This is our space. You’re making this space uncomfortable.”

“You’re white. Do you understand what a multicultural space means? It means you’re not being centered,” they said.

“’White’s not a culture?” one of the white students said.

“White is NOT a culture! You think whiteness is a culture? This is the violence that ASU [Arizona State University] does and this is the type of people that they protect!” one of the girls said.

“This white man thinks he can take up our space … they think they can get away with this s**t!” she said, obviously not comprehending what multicultural means.


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