Bill Maher Rips Woke Left Again For Screeching At 'Reality' With Claim That Biology Is A ‘Theory’

Bill Maher Rips Woke Left Again For Screeching At 'Reality' With Claim That Biology Is A ‘Theory’

HBO ‘Real Time’ host Bill Maher isn’t likely to be voting for conservative politicians any time soon, but he sure has a lot of complaints about uber-left-wing Democrats these days as well.

During Friday’s episode, the liberal comedian once again took aim at leftist activists who he says are waring with reality and biology.

“If you’re part of today’s woke revolution, you need to study the part of revolutions where they spin out of control because the revolutionaries get so drunk on their purifying elixir they imagine they can reinvent the very nature of human beings,” Maher noted.

He then started to talk about Communist revolutionaries who believed that they could somehow rid humanity of selfishness.

“The problem with communism, and with some very recent ideologies here at home, is that they think they can change reality by screaming at it, that you can bend human nature by holding your breath. But that’s the difference between reality and your mommy,” Maher said.

He went on to quip that he asked ChatGPT — an artificial intelligence program — about the similarities between Chinese leader Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution and the woke American leftist revolutionaries of today, joking that the app responded by asking him how much time he had to hear the response.

The Daily Wire noted:

Maher referenced Mao’s war on the Four Olds of old thinking, old culture, old customs, and old habits before he compared communist reeducation programs to freshman orientation at American universities. 

To back up his claims, Maher pointed to Jason Kilborn, a law professor who was disciplined for alluding to racial slurs in a test question about racial bias, and Winston Marshall, a former banjo player for Mumford and Sons who was criticized after sharing that he liked a book by Andy Ngo. 

During the monologue, Maher also blasted those who think they can erase gender and make obesity healthy by creating a new human. 

“With communists, that human was no longer selfish. In America today, that human is no longer born male or female. And obesity is not something that affects health. You can be healthy at any size. Seriously, we voted on it,” Maher said.

Maher, who has ripped gender ideology and theory in the past, also riffed on the left-wing outlet The Atlantic” as a “formerly serious magazine” after it published a story about not segregating sports by sex.

“I’ve spent three decades on TV mocking Republicans who said climate change was just a theory,” he concluded. “And now I got to deal with people who say, ‘You know what else is just a theory? Biology.’”


Late last month, Maher used his monologue to castigate leftists for their climate change “hypocrisy.”

Maher, who is an advocate for cleaning up the environment, admitted that he, too, has taken private jets.

“My name is Bill, and I fly private,” Maher said. “And so does every other person who calls themselves an ‘environmentalist’ who can!”

He went on to point out celebrities and political leaders who claim to be big environmentalists but who also fly private, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

“All the environmentalists of Hollywood and Washington do it. Their position on climate change is, ‘We must do more to stop pouring carbon into the air, except for me when I want to go somewhere, and then I take a private jet,’” Maher said. “It turns out there is one thing in this world that is completely impossible to resist, and this is it. It’s like heroin. If you do it once, you’ll never stop.”

In addition, the liberal host also slammed Joe Biden’s ‘climate czar’ John Kerry, a multimillionaire who also flies in private jets, saying that is similar to a situation if the head of the Department of Homeland Security “smuggled drugs in his butt.”

“People take jets to environmental conferences. If you could run TED Talks on hypocrisy, you wouldn’t need coal,” he said. “But, sorry, not sorry. I tried to do my part to the environment. I never had kids, the one thing worse for the planet than private jets.”

He also said that zero-emission electric vehicles “sucked” and that people are “full of s**t) when it comes to them pretending to live in a way they claim is good for the environment, according to The Daily Wire.

“And I’m done being full of s**t,” he added. “I can take being a bad environmentalist because almost all of us are, but I can’t take being a hypocrite.”


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