Big Tech Censored Anti-Biden Content Hundreds of Times Last Year: Report

Big Tech Censored Anti-Biden Content Hundreds of Times Last Year: Report

Conservative critics of Big Tech have long accused the major platforms of censoring their content and posts, and a new report out this week confirms their criticisms.

Joe Biden is without question the worst president certainly in the modern era and potentially even the worst in U.S. history, just given all of the things that have gone wrong and gotten worse during his short tenure.

Inflation is setting records. Gas and diesel prices are historically high. The supply chain crisis is not improving. Interest rates are climbing. Home prices are soaring. Used cars are outrageous. And American foreign policy is a disaster.

What’s more, none of these situations or issues are improving.

But you can’t criticize Biden too much on social media or the Big Tech overlords will censor you — that’s according to the Media Research Center’s CensorTrack database, which  counted 646 cases of bans, deleted content, and other speech restrictions placed on anti-Biden content between March 10, 2022, and March 10, 2022, MRC Free Speech America said in a report.

The Blaze notes further:

Over that two-year period, 140 cases of censorship were directed at individuals who shared or posted about the New York Post’s confirmed reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop story. When the story was first published, social media companies suppressed the ability of users to share it, claiming the information obtained from Hunter Biden’s laptop was unverified. Twitter locked the New York Post’s account for 17 days and banned users from sharing the story, in the most egregious example of censorship.

But the largest category of censored posts was comedic memes, videos, or generic posts about Biden’s allegedly creepy behavior toward women and girls, with 232 examples of such posts flagged for violating content moderation policies on Big Tech platforms.

In one example, Facebook reportedly deleted a user’s post for violating community standards on “nudity or sexual activity.” The offending post showed three photos of Biden reportedly kissing his granddaughter on the lips, with a caption that read, “Find someone who kisses you the way Joe Biden kisses his granddaughter.”

There are other examples as well, including censored posts from conservative organizations that used Biden’s own statements to blast his record as president.

For example, a Heritage Action post on Facebook was censored on March 15 for putting the blame for inflation on Biden after quoting Biden’s own statements on energy policy.

The organization, which is linked to the Heritage Foundation, shared a video clip of Biden saying his policies would necessarily cause gas prices to shoot skyward. However, Facebook’s ‘fact-checkers’ deemed the video was “missing context” by omitting other factors that also allegedly contribute to gas price increases like COVID-19 and OPEC’s refusal to ramp up oil production.

“Facebook placed a filter over the video, suppressing the post’s reach,” The Blaze noted.

In yet another example, Facebook/Meta-owned Instagram took down a pair of posts from Breaking 911 quoting Biden as well.

The first post quoted the president saying he was concerned about people who are not on board with vaccine mandates: “Freedom! … I have the freedom to kill you with my COVID. No, I mean, come on! Freedom?!”

The second post featured Biden criticizing then-President Donald Trump’s decision to leave the lopsided Paris Climate Accords, quoting him saying, “When Pres. Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord … the agreement was that we could not, if we reached beyond 1.5°C increase in temperature, we’re gone. Not a joke. Not a joke. And so, we decided that, he pulled out – first thing I committed to do was rejoin that accord.”

Why? Because those posts promoted “violence and incitement.”

Maybe now that Elon Musk’s bid to buy Twitter was successful, the world’s second-biggest social media platform will finally live up to its pledge to protect and enhance speech.


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