Biden's Woke Military Caves; Bars Faith-Based Dog Tags After Two Decades

Biden's Woke Military Caves; Bars Faith-Based Dog Tags After Two Decades

The one institution Americans could count on to be entirely non-partisan, if not completely patriotic, was the U.S. military, and that irked Democrats more than anything.

Because by healthy margins, the majority of military members support Republicans for elected office, and by far, they turned out to support Donald Trump in 2016 and again in 2020.

And why not? Trump made it a point to honor and respect and fund the military, setting our fighting forces up for success to keep two old nemeses, Russia and China, at bay — and in the nuclear age, that is vital.

But since Day One, the Biden regime and the leftists who run it have worked to dismantle the conservative-leaning, pro-American bond most military members harbor, and they’ve actually gotten a healthy amount of assistance from Republicans in Congress in regards to confirming ‘woke’ generals and admirals who are going along with their left-wing, culture-destroying agenda.

Conservative radio host and author Todd Starnes provides details on the latest outrage: Military leaders too woke, even, to permit soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen, Coasties, and Guardians to express faith in a higher diety.

He sets it up this way:

Army Captain Russell Rippetoe was killed on April 3, 2003 when the enemy detonated a car bomb at a military checkpoint in western Iraq. 

When they recovered Capt. Rippetoe’s body, they discovered that he was wearing an inspirational dog tag created by Shields of Strength, a family-owned company in Texas. 

The dog tag was adorned with a Bible verse from the Old Testament, Joshua 1:9.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go,” the verse read.

President George W. Bush referenced the captain’s dog tag during a Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. 

After the ceremony, Shields of Strength was overwhelmed by telephone calls and orders for replica dog tags. 

He went on to note that for more than two decades, Shields of Strength sold or gave away in excess of 4 million dog tags that include the various military branches’ various logos as well as key Bible verses. The company says its mission is to “share the love, hope, forgiveness and power of God’s Word with others and to see people victorious in life’s battles and in a relationship with Jesus Christ.”

How very First Amendment of them. How very foundationally American. How very patriotic.

And for the past 20-odd years, our forces faced the enemy knowing they were wearing a reminder that Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was with them.

“Those dog tags were a source of strength and hope and encouragement, particularly for our members of faith in the military,” First Liberty Institute attorney Michael Berry said during an interview on The Todd Starnes Radio Show.

Starnes adds:

In 2019, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation got wind of the replica dog tags and became enraged. 

The MRFF, founded by Mikey Weinstein, has developed a notorious reputation for being triggered by public displays of Christianity within the military. 

They are especially aggrieved by Nativity Scenes on military bases during the Christmas season. 

The organization demanded that the Biden Pentagon stop working with Shields of Strength because it was illegal or something like that.

“It took less than 48 hours for the Department of Defense to turn around and tell Shields of Faith after 20 years of working together to stop,” Barry told Starnes.

“They cited Mikey Weinstein’s complaint in an article,” Berry added. “It really did surprise me how quickly our Pentagon capitulated to the threats of a bully.”

Never mind that even military members whose job it is to defend our liberties are permitted to enjoy them as well.

The leftists running Biden’s regime are no different than leftists throughout the modern era: They seek to destroy norms, disrupt societies, and debase a people’s culture and history on their way to implementing authoritarian secular governance.

Make no mistake.


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