#Bidenflation Led Fewer Americans to Vacation Over Summer But White House Defends President's Frequent Vacays

#Bidenflation Led Fewer Americans to Vacation Over Summer But White House Defends President's Frequent Vacays

The inflationary policies of President Joe Biden and the Democrat-controlled Congress led to massive spikes in fuel, food, and travel costs, leading fewer Americans to take a vacation over the summer.

Nevertheless, Biden took many of them and all on the taxpayer’s dime, which the White House is now defending. Among them, at least a half a dozen trips to one of his homes in Delaware as well as vacays in North Carolina and South Carolina.

On Tuesday, Gallup released a new survey showing that well over half of Americans — 56 percent — say they are experiencing financial hardship thanks to inflation, up from 49 percent in January and 45 percent in November:

Although more Americans now than last fall say they are experiencing hardship, the percentage who are suffering severe hardship has held relatively steady at around 10%. Lower-income Americans are more likely than others to be experiencing severe hardship — 26% of those whose annual household income is less than $48,000 say prices are causing severe hardship for their families. That compares with 12% of middle-income Americans and 4% of upper-income Americans.

Lower-income Americans are about as likely now as last fall to say they are experiencing either severe or moderate hardship — 74%, compared with 70% in November.

Middle-income (63%) and upper-income (40%) Americans remain significantly less likely than lower-income Americans to say they are experiencing hardship. However, sharply more middle- and upper-income Americans are struggling now than were last November. The increase has been greater among middle-income Americans — up 17 percentage points — than among upper-income Americans — up 12 points.

Keep in mind that Biden and Democrats say they ‘care’ most about lower-income Americans, but their policies are hurting that demographic the most.

As such, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked on Thursday that as more Americans cut back on vacations and are now having a harder time making ends meet (credit card debt has surged at the fast pace in two decades, by the way).

“The president has been to his beach house six times. He went on vacation in North and South Carolina,” the reporter pointed out before asking: “Is he considering any spending cuts for the administration or for himself personally because of inflation?”

Needless to say, Jean-Pierre defended Biden’s trips, but she did so without a hint of concern for struggling Americans.

“I’ll say this: The times that the president has gone to Delaware, not including — and we were very clear that when he went to South Carolina in August and Rehoboth, he was going to go spend time with his family, which every president does. That is not unusual. That is not uncommon to do,” she said.

“The president has a right to spend time with his family, just like every other American across the country,” she added.

She also laughingly claimed that Biden has brought down gasoline prices though for most of a year the administration blamed the hikes on Vladimir Putin. She also claimed the recently passed “Inflation Reduction Act” would “change people’s lives” but did not explain how.

Oh, and she blamed Republicans — because of course — before dismissing any further line of inquiry into the matter.

“I’m going to move on,” she said.

Tens of millions of Americans are ready to move on from this administration.


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