Biden Wants War in Russia to 'Restore Credibility': Source

Biden Wants War in Russia to 'Restore Credibility': Source

The Biden administration is allegedly using the situation between Russia and Ukraine as a way for the administration to “restore credibility” following “crippling failures” of their agenda, according to a data dump given to Human Events.

Jack Posobiec of the outlet commented on the matter in an episode of his podcast: “Now, I told you before that this administration is going to be using Ukraine as a way to ‘wag the dog. Wag the dog is when you are faced, when an administration is faced with a domestic crisis, crippling failures of their agenda across the board, just like the Biden administration is experiencing now.” they use another crisis to distract from their failures.”

The tactic is similar to, but distinct from, the dead cat strategy, wherein drama or some sort of shocking topic is introduced to the public to distract from another, more damaging failure.

Posobiec warned of what he called an “armed kinetic conflict” that would see American soldiers serve at a border dispute solely to improve the flailing administration’s agenda.

Posobiec continues to read from the data dump: “Biden is now at condition eagle, which means hourly updates. DOD and state are working 24/7 on appeasement options, but it’s getting nowhere.”

“…He thinks that Biden can be ‘the leader who defeated Putin.’ The divide is strikingly deep. Kamala, Vice President, wants to avoid armed conflict in an election year and yet President Biden is demoralized on the foreign policy front end, anxiously wants to regain some credibility. So he is leaning more towards confrontation.

Posobiec speculates that the Biden administration is getting involved in the matter, which he says is not a national security concern for the US and has been ongoing for “hundreds of years,” because of the “oligarchs over there, like the ones that were behind Burisma, like the ones that were giving Hunter Biden $50,000 a month for his expertise.”

He also speculates that Biden’s ego is telling him that he could defeat Putin, despite the wants of Kamala Harris, who likely does not want armed conflict in the same year as the mid-term elections.

The situation, he says, would paint a picture similar to the one that occurred in Kabul just months ago, where lives were lost.


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