Biden to Build Parts of Trump's Border Wall

Biden to Build Parts of Trump's Border Wall

President Joe Biden has picked up where former President Donald Trump left off, now undertaking the task of building the border wall near Yuma, Arizona.

According to NBC News, the project seeks to fill in four major gaps of the wall that have been used by illegal aliens near Yuma. The area is one of the busiest border crossing areas for illegals.

Alejandro Mayorkas, the Department of Homeland Security secretary, signed off on the project and said that the work will fall under the Homeland Security 2021 budget.

Arizona environmentalist Myles Traphagen says that closing the wall will do little good, saying that the Yuma area has “become the new Ellis Island for Arizona, with people arriving there from countries as disparate as Ethiopia, Cuba, Russia, Ukraine, India, Colombia, and Nicaragua.

“People have traveled halfway around the globe on planes, trains, and automobiles,” he said, “so to expect that closing four small gaps is going to make them turn around and book a return flight on Air Ethiopia is a sheer fallacy.”

That, however, will have no effect on the decision by Biden to continue to put up the wall. Biden has already discreetly built parts of the Trump border wall.

On July 5, it was reported that Biden would build parts of the wall near San Diego, California, and Tijuana, Mexico.

The plans, originally part of the Trump administration’s Fiscal Year 2018 budget, will effectively close Friendship Park on the American side, Daily Mail reports.

“Joe Biden should not be putting the finishing touches on Donald Trump’s border wall at Friendship Park,” the convener of the Friends of Friendship Park coalition, John Fanestil, said.

Biden has now completed several sections of Trump’s wall. In May, Biden put up a 13-mile stretch of wall near the Rio Grande Valey. Biden said that the construction of those walls was simply for maintenance to replace existing walls. This is despite Biden’s day-one action of signing an executive order to cancel all construction of the Trump border wall.

One of Biden’s first acts as president was to sign an executive order to cancel all construction of the wall.


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