Biden State Department Cancelled Trump-Era Program For Safe Evacuations 2 Months Before Taliban Takeover

Biden State Department Cancelled Trump-Era Program For Safe Evacuations 2 Months Before Taliban Takeover

Before this week’s the tragic takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban, the U.S. State Department had a critical program which would provide swift and safe evacuations of Americans out of crisis zones such as Kabul. Except Joe Biden’s Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, cancelled it in early June of this year.

The National Pulse exclusively reported Blinken officially signed the notification halting the “Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau” program “just months before the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.” The program was designed to handle medical, diplomatic, and logistical support concerning Americans overseas.

Dated June 11, 2021 the “SENSITIVE BUT UNCLASSIFIED” official State Department document from the desk of Deputy Secretary of State Brian P. Mckeon began:

“(SBU) Recommendations: That you direct the discontinuation of the establishment, and termination of, the Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau (CCR), and direct a further review of certain associated Department requirements and capabilities.” The document notes the approval for the recommendations were approved on June 11, 2021.

The National Pulse reports the decision to pause the program could have come as early as February, “both undermining the original Trump-era date for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, and certainly giving the Taliban time to threaten American assets and lives on the run up to Joe Biden’s September 11th date of withdrawal.”

Speaking exclusively to The National Pulse, former President Donald Trump discussed his administration’s plans for Troop withdrawal and how Biden botched its execution. “My Administration prioritized keeping Americans safe, Biden leaves them behind” said Trump.

“Canceling this successful Trump Administration program before the withdrawal that would have helped tens of thousands Americans reach home is beyond disgraceful. Our withdrawal was conditions-based and perfect, it would have been flawlessly executive and nobody would have even known we left” added Trump. “The Biden execution and withdrawal is perhaps the greatest embarrassment to our Country in History, both as a military and humanitarian operation.”

The National Pulse writes “career officials inside the State Department objected to the Trump-era aim of creating a Contingency and Crisis Response bureau with the express purpose of avoiding a future Benghazi-style situation for Americans overseas.”

“Instead,” The National Pulse continues, “Biden’s team revoked the funding and the approval for the plan, even as the COVID-19 crisis reasserted itself, and an Afghanistan withdrawal loomed.”


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