Biden Says Every City Should Follow New York's Lead Though Crime Is Up Nearly 40 Percent

Biden Says Every City Should Follow New York's Lead Though Crime Is Up Nearly 40 Percent

President Joe Biden appeared to have a couple of his ‘moments’ during his visit to New York City on Thursday to pitch a new initiative to ‘help’ police combat dramatic increases in crime.

During a speech, Biden said he wants “every major city to follow New York’s lead,” but in fact, crime in the Big Apple has spiked 38 percent year over year, as city residents were sadly reminded last month after two of the NYPD’s finest were shot and killed by a thug.

“Biden says he wants ‘every major city [to] follow New York’s lead.’ Crime in New York City has surged 38% this year, including a 93% jump in carjackings,” the Republican National Committee’s research arm tweeted.

Interestingly, several New Yorkers who were asked their thoughts about Biden’s visit said they believe it was essentially meaningless, political, and not much would come from it.

“I think it’s a total waste,” one woman told Fox News of the president’s visit to the city, which he made with Attorney General Merrick Garland. “He’s going to do absolutely nothing to help New York City.”

“Political – it’s all political,” the 75-year-old lifelong New Yorker added. “That’s why he’s coming. No other reason.”

Fox News laid out the White House’s stated reason for the visit:

The Biden administration on Thursday morning rolled out a strategy to stop the flow of guns, bolster law enforcement and increase funding for community policing ahead of President Biden’s visit to New York City to meet with Mayor Eric Adams.

Senior administration officials said that the strategy builds on steps the president announced in June 2021, which were intended to stem the flow of firearms used to commit violence; support local law enforcement with federal tools and resources to address violent crime; invest in evidence-based community violence interventions, expanded summer programming, employment opportunities and other services and support for teenagers and young adults; and provide help for formerly incarcerated individuals to “successfully reenter their communities.”

The ‘initiative’ such as it is, comes as crime has exploded in New York City:

— There were at least 485 murders in the city last year, which was a slight increase from 2020, also a deadly year;

— Subway crimes are up 65 percent in 2022;

— Hate crimes are way up, as are nearly all categories of violent crime.

“I cannot believe what’s happened in this city. Crime is out of control,” another resident told Fox News.

A senior administration official told the network that the Justice Department will work with state and local law enforcement to address the “most significant drivers of violence in each district,” including to “get repeat gun violence offenders off our streets.”

But let’s be real: There is a reason why crime has spiked in major U.S. cities, and George Soros has more to do with it than anyone.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson noted more than a year ago — in December 2020 — that Soros has been funding (for years) far-left candidates in local district attorney races — candidates who, after they win, implement ‘criminal justice reform’ policies that downplay jail time, end cash bail, and other ‘soft-on-crime’ approaches that reward criminal behavior by refusing to prosecute even violent offenders.

In New York City specifically, newly elected Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg announced a slew of similar soft-on-crime policies just last month.

And a few weeks later, the White House trots out Biden to claim he’s going to help new mayor (and former NYPD captain) Eric Adams ‘clean up NYC streets.’ What a joke.

Unless and until New Yorkers stop electing these left-wing lunatics posing as prosecutors, big city streets will continue to be dangerous and violent.


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