Biden Mumbles on Georgia Campaign for Warnock; Obama Utters Freudian "Uncle Joe" Slip

Biden Mumbles on Georgia Campaign for Warnock; Obama Utters Freudian "Uncle Joe" Slip

President Joe Biden on Friday gave a strange, nearly incoherent answer as to why he could not be in Georgia to help campaign for Senator Ralph Warnock ahead of Tuesday’s runoff election against Republican opponent Herschel Walker.

A question came from a reporter at the end of a bill signing ceremony for legislation regarding a deal between rail unions and freight companies. Biden was asked why he would not be going down to Georgia to help Senator Warnock. Biden said that he would not be going because he was going to Massachusetts for a fundraiser.

“I’m going to Georgia today to help Sen. Warren– not to Georgia. I’m going to help Sen. Warren by doing a major fundraiser up in Boston,” Biden said.

Biden is scheduled to appear at a Boston fundraiser for Warnock. The White House said that it was requested by the Warnock campaign for him to go to the telephone fundraiser.

“The president is willing to help Sen. Warnock any way he can, however the senator wants him to get involved,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said, reports Fox News.

The strange answer from Biden comes as his popularity continues to remain at near-record lows. He was largely absent from campaign trails leading up to the midterm elections, as some candidates wanted to make distance between their campaigns and the failing presidents. That may have worked, as Democrats won key Senate races in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Nevada.

“It didn’t matter where the president went; his message very much resonated,” Jean-Pierre said of the matter. “And that worked. Right? That worked.”

Meanwhile, former President Barack Hussein Obama has been in Georgia, where he asked voters to re-elect Warnock. This came with a gaffe, however, as Obama referenced a crazy “Uncle Joe” who nobody would ever dream to ask to hold any responsibilities.


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