Biden LIES About Capitol Officer Murdered by Black Nationalist, Blames Jan 6

Biden LIES About Capitol Officer Murdered by Black Nationalist, Blames Jan 6

President Joe Biden falsely connected the death of Capitol Police Officer William Evans to “insurrectionists,” referring to Capitol Hill rioters on January 6, 2021.

Biden’s claim is completely fabricated. Officer Evans was killed by a Nation of Islam supporter in April of 2021. The man, a fervent Louis Farrakhan supporter, rammed his car into Officer Evans, killing him.

This isn’t the first time that Biden has made the false connection between Evans’ death and January 6.

Last year, in a speech commemorating the one-year anniversary of the riot, Biden said, “One year since Jan. 6, 2021, the lies that drove the anger and madness we saw in this place, they have not abated. So we have to be firm, resolute, and unyielding in our defense of the right to vote and to have that vote counted. Some have already made the ultimate sacrifice in this sacred effort.”

“Jill and I have mourned police officers in this Capitol rotunda, not once but twice, in the wake of Jan. 6,” the president continued, according to NBC Montana. “Once to honor Officer Brian Sicknick, who lost his life the day after the attack. The second time to honor Officer Billy Evans, who lost his life defending the Capitol as well.”

Biden also had an embarrassing slip of the tongue on Friday when he misdated the riot, saying that they took place on July 6th.

“If I can halt for a second and just say to you, the impact, what happened on July the 6th, and the international repercussions beyond what any of you can fully understand,” the president said.

Public gaffes are nothing new for the president, who is the oldest to ever serve in the position. In April, Biden confused vice president Kamala Harris with Michelle Obama. In September, Biden forgot that a congresswoman died in a car accident, and asked if she was in attendance at an event.


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