Biden Goes Full Trump With New 'Buy American' Push

Biden Goes Full Trump With New 'Buy American' Push

Don’t look now but Joe Biden is starting to do a pretty good impression of Donald Trump, not that the president’s sycophants in the mainstream media will tell you.

During his 2016 campaign and throughout his presidency, Trump ran on “Make America Great Again,” a platform of ‘America First’ policies that he largely enacted during his term in office. In 2020, he ran on ‘Keep America Great,’ and rumor has it if he does decide to run again in 2024, it’ll be on a variation of “Make America Great Again, Again.”

In summary, Trump’s policies were designed to revive American manufacturing by bolstering domestic production of virtually everything our citizens need to live successful modern lives while, at the same time, making our nation less reliant on products from countries that don’t have our best interests in mind — like, say, Russia and China.

Trump regularly chided American companies for moving their operations overseas while adopting policies that made it easier for them to come back home and operate just as efficiently and cheaply. A big part of that strategy involved cutting corporate tax rates to near-historic lows, slashing burdensome and expensive regulations, and supporting the American workforce with equally beneficial tax and labor policies.

It worked: Manufacturers returned, unemployment tanked to 3.5 percent, and our country became energy independent — and with low inflation.

Then Biden happened and all that changed.

Oil and gas prices are through the roof again because he sacked a major pipeline while curbing oil exploration and drilling on federal lands and in high reserve regions like the Arctic National Wildlife Preserve near Alaska. His and Democrats’ insistence in prolonging pandemic slowdowns and lockdowns turned a strained global and domestic supply chain into a crisis. And his and his party’s attempts to jack up tax rates again while implementing a raft of new regulatory policies has dramatically slowed manufacturing repatriation.

Up to now, Biden has been atop the ‘America Last’ party.

But that changed last week; the current president must have taken a cue from his predecessor in announcing a new “Buy American” initiative as the world spins out of control like domestic inflation rates.

The Washington Examiner has more:

President Joe Biden stated Friday that his No. 1 concern is “getting prices under control” and touted the administration’s “Made in America” initiatives as providing the quickest path toward reaching that goal.

Biden’s comments came during an event with Siemens CEO Barbara Humpton at the White House, where he announced a new federal rule updating the Buy American Act, which White House officials called “the most robust” change to the law in seven decades.

The president’s new rule will raise the threshold for the federal government’s purchase of goods and services, an annual total in excess of $600 billion, from 55% to 75%.

“What this means is that if we’re identifying some product that is so critical to our national security, health, or resilience. We’re going to create rules that allowed us to pay a little more for them, if they’re made in America,” he stated. “We’re talking about things like semiconductors, pharmaceutical agreements, advanced batteries, among other things. It’s worth it, especially to make sure that we have a domestic capacity to protect us from shortages and price spikes in the future.”

“Today, I’m placing a bet on America,” Biden said. “We’ve seen in the past several months is more reason why we need to reject the defeatist view that the forces of automation and globalization mean we can’t have good-paying union jobs, manufacturing here in America. Our manufacturing future, our economic future, our solutions to the climate crisis, they’re all going to be made in America.”

Earlier, Humpton announced a $54 million investment by Siemens to expand domestic production of “critical electrical infrastructure” supporting “everything from electric vehicle chargers to data centers to industrial sites.”

Way to get aboard the MAGA train, Mr. President. It’s about time.


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