Biden Education Secretary Has No Issue With Biological Boys In Girls Sports And Not Informing Parents About Trans Kids

Biden Education Secretary Has No Issue With Biological Boys In Girls Sports And Not Informing Parents About Trans Kids

When Barack Obama was president, conservatives proclaimed his the most left-wing administration in the country’s history.

But Obama was an amateur when it comes to the administration of his vice president, Joe Biden, whose government is so far to the left Karl Marx himself would blush.

Case in point: Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, who has “said biological males should be able to compete against girls in school sports and that schools should not have to tell parents about their child’s gender transition,” Just the News reported.

Cardona made his remarks during a House Education and Labor Committee hearing late last week in response to questions from Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.), who asked the Education secretary how his department could adhere to Title IX, a statute that is supposed to protect women and end sex-based discrimination in the academic setting, while the agency is “currently pushing a rule to force every school in American to add ‘non-binary’ as a sex characteristic.”

The Biden official said the administration is not encouraging the non-binary category but is “allowing states to report whatever classifications they have in their states.”

“Mr. Secretary, do you believe that biological male athletes competing in women’s sports are in conflict with Title IX protections for female athletes?” Banks asked in a follow-up question.

Cardona said that he wanted to discuss the department’s budget and he is “proud of the Title IX regulations.”

When the Indiana Republican pressed further, however, the secretary responded, “I believe all children should have an opportunity to engage in extracurricular activities.”

Banks then said the Biden administration has “decimated Title IX” and asked whether it is “fair or not for biological boys to compete against girls in sports.”

“I believe all students should have access to sport[s],” Cardona replied, as the exchange began to get a little tense.

“So do you support biological boys competing against girls in sports?” Banks asked.

“I believe I answered the question,” Cardona answered, adding, “I believe transgender girls should have access to sports.”

“Our transgender students need to feel supported, included and seen and your, your line of questioning is, is, even by describing it the way you’re doing it, shows me that you don’t believe that all students should have access to, to the extracurricular activities that schools provide,” Cardona continued.

Banks then changed topics and asked Cardona about the administration’s stance on keeping a student’s gender transition a secret from parents.

“I would love to answer questions on the budget, which is why I’m here,” Cardona responded.

“These are policies that your administration stands behind,” the Indiana congressman fired back. “You’re asking me to fund your budget, and these are policies that you stand for. It’s completely relevant to why you’re here today.”

Just the News added:

It is best to work with parents, Cardona acknowledged, but added, “Our schools are safe places for our students, and our teachers are often the front-liners when it comes to supporting students.”

Cardona testified that the Biden administration supports giving federal financial aid to “Dreamers,” or illegal immigrants brought to the United States as minors.

Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-Wisc.) asked about the Biden administration’s stance on providing “free or almost free college for people here illegally.”

“The Biden administration has been very clear that we do support ensuring Dreamers have an opportunity for federal financial aid, including the Pell Grant,” Cardona said in response. “These are students who are making a big difference in their communities.”


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