Biden Announces VP Kamala Harris In Charge of Tackling Voting Rights Legislation

Biden Announces VP Kamala Harris In Charge of Tackling Voting Rights Legislation

President Joe Biden announced he has chosen none other than his very own vice president, Kamala Harris, to lead the administration’s push for voting rights legislation. Biden gave the speech in Tulsa, Oklahoma saying, “with her leadership and your support, we’re going to overcome again, I promise you, but it’s going to take a hell of a lot of work.”

Fantastic; yet another issue Harris can avoid giving press conferences on and speaking to the press about. At least there is no central location for this issue, such as the southern border, where she refuses to visit, despite being in charge of the border crisis.

Nonetheless, Biden says the right to vote is “under assault” at a level he has never seen before. How very dramatic for a party who has been allowed to register dead people to vote and have mail-in-ballots with absolutely zero oversight.

In a statement following Biden’s announcement, Harris said she will work with Congress, community and voting rights organizations as well as the “private sector” to push voting rights efforts nationally and in statehouses.

“The work ahead of us is to make voting accessible to all American voters, and to make sure every vote is counted through a free, fair, and transparent process…this is the work of democracy,” said Harris.

One official said Harris sat down last month with voting rights and civil rights leaders to discuss their work fighting against voter suppression, and that the decision for Harris to lead the administration’s broader efforts on voting rights is a recent decision.


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