Biden Admin's New Border Policy: Admit Mentally Ill, Pregnant, Disabled

Biden Admin's New Border Policy: Admit Mentally Ill, Pregnant, Disabled

As the Biden regime prepares to lift Title 42, the Trump-era pandemic rule that authorized U.S. immigration and border authorities to immediately deport nearly all illegal migrants encountered, his lackey at the Department of Homeland Security is busy creating a boatload of admission exemptions that will instantly put unconstitutional burdens on states and their taxpayers.

According to Just The News, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, a presidential appointee who is in need of impeachment if ever there was one (along with his boss), issued a memo instructing border authorities to let in the infirm, pregnant, mentally ill, and other illegal migrants who will instantly become wards of whatever state they land in.

“Beginning April 21, 2022, OFO will increase its capabilities to process noncitizens potentially amenable for an exception to Title 42,” says a memo reviewed by Just the News, which added that the rule takes effect Thursday.

“Factors weighing in favor of an exception include the following: a physical or mental illness, disability; pregnancy; lack of access to safe housing or shelter in Mexico (under 21 years old or younger or over 70, including families); and an indication that an individual has been threatened or harmed in Mexico,” the memo continued.

The outlet continues:

Under the new rules, if a single member of a family qualifies for the exception, in most cases the entire family can come into the country legally, Border Patrol agents were told.

A senior U.S. official, speaking only on condition of anonymity, said the exemption policy means the flood of illegal immigrants coming into the country could start much earlier than the May 21 lifting of Title 42.

“We are bracing for an avalanche to begin in just a few days,” the official told the outlet.

Even before the order was issued, almost 210,000 illegal immigrants were encountered by Border Patrol agents last month; more than 80,000 were allowed into the country, a population higher than most U.S. cities.

The new memo makes it very clear that Border Patrol and immigration authorities must be working with lawyers and advocacy groups to let in as many illegal aliens as possible using the exception process.

“Field offices and POEs should continue to work with attorney/advocacy groups currently submitting Title 42 exceptions to increase the number of individuals processed at the identified locations,” the memo stated.

“In order to facilitate orderly travel for individuals who may potentially be granted an exception from Title 42 into the various POEs, each POE may designate scheduled dates/times for such individuals to present themselves,” it added.

If there is any good news here, it is this: Because of these insane border and immigration policies, Hispanic Americans are beginning to abandon Joe Biden and his party in droves.

In a separate report, Just the News noted:

…Biden’s approval rating among Hispanics has plummeted as the historically Democratic bloc’s support for Republicans continues to increase, presenting an electoral problem for Democrats, whose immigration policies have fueled much of this shift.

Only 26% of Hispanic voters approve of Biden’s job performance, compared to 54% who disapprove, according to a Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday.

Perhaps most striking, the poll found a staggering 41% of Hispanic voters “strongly disapprove” of Biden’s handling of the presidency, while just 12% “strongly approve.”

Hispanics aren’t just disapproving of Biden, though. They’re also moving away from Democrats in general.

Biden is also losing Hispanics for his party through his and the Dem-controlled Congress’ economic and spending policies, which have caused and continue to feed inflation that is hitting that demographic particularly hard.

“Absolutely, Hispanics and Latinos are more significantly disproportionately negatively impacted by inflation,” Israel Rojas, a spokesman for the Libre Initiative, said in an exclusive interview with ADN America.

“A study by Bank of America from 2021 found that people of color in the U.S. and low-income households, especially black and Latino families, usually spend more of their income on staples that are prone to price increases, like food and gas,” Rojas explained.

“So what we’re seeing now is negatively impacting Latinos. It is why they have cited inflation as the most important issue,” he added.


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