Biden Admin Is Trying To Get Ahead of a Report Blaming President For Chaotic, Deadly Afghan Withdrawal

Biden Admin Is Trying To Get Ahead of a Report Blaming President For Chaotic, Deadly Afghan Withdrawal

Like it did with redefining “recession” and trying to falsely take credit for falling gas prices (after refusing to take the blame for rising prices), the Biden regime is ramping up its propaganda machine ahead of the release of a damning report on the president’s deadly, chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

According to Axios, the White House is currently circulating a draft memo defending the manner in which Biden decided to leave Afghanistan nearly a year ago, after 13 U.S. military personnel were killed by a suicide bomber along with around 150 Afghans. The draft memo comes ahead of a damning report from Republicans on the House Foreign Affairs Committee titled, “A ‘Strategic Failure’: Assessing the Administration’s Afghanistan Withdrawal.”

The memo, which was crafted by Adrienne Watson, the regime’s National Security Council spokeswoman, suggests that the interim report “is riddled with inaccurate characterizations, cherry-picked information, and false claims,” Axios added. The memo also says that critiquing Biden’s pullout is akin to advocating for “endless war and sending even more American troops to Afghanistan.”

Watson’s memo further states that when Biden took office in January 2021 he faced only two choices: “[R]amp up the war and put even more Americans at risk, or finally end the United States’ longest war.”

For the record, former President Donald Trump’s administration was already in the process of ending the Afghan war, having negotiated a series of pullout agreements with the Taliban. Biden, reports stated, chose to ignore the agreements and do things his own way.

Former Vice Chief of the United States Army General Jack Keane told Fox News regarding the president’s alleged binary choice that Biden “presented a false narrative to the American people, which I find very disturbing.”

The network added:

…Keane pointed not just to the resurgence of the Taliban, but the presence of al Qaeda, despite the U.S. recently killing Usama bin Laden’s deputy in the 9/11 terror attacks, Ayman al-Zawahri. In fact, Keane said Zawahri’s presence in Afghanistan at the time of the American strike is proof of the problem.

“We went to Afghanistan to stop the Taliban from providing sanctuary to the al Qaeda, from which the attack on the United States took place. We all know that. And what did this decision get us? It got us the Taliban in charge again … providing sanctuary to the al Qaeda,” Keane said. “And Zawahri’s killing resurrected the fact that he’s living in a Taliban house in a neighborhood that I’ve been to many times, where senior Taliban leaders are in residence. And obviously, they are protecting the al Qaeda leader as well as his organization.”

He noted further that “to date, we’ve done nothing against the organization or done nothing against ISIS.”

In the memo, Watson also told a bald-faced lie — that Trump had committed ” to withdrawing our troops … with no clear plan for what should come next.”

The Blaze notes:

In the memo, Watson also included a “Fact Check” section, where she attempted to refute arguments that may appear in the House Republican interim report.

She indicated that the claim that “we could have kept 2,500 troops in Afghanistan and that would have been sufficient” was false; that, according to Chairman of the Join Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley and others, the U.S. would have had to send additional troops for reinforcement.

Similarly, Watson refuted the claim that “we are less safe today because of the withdrawal because Al Qaeda has reconstituted in Afghanistan and Afghanistan has become a terrorist haven.” Citing an assessment by the “Intelligence Community,” Watson suggested that “Al-Qa’ida does not have a capability to launch attacks against the U.S. or its interests abroad” and that its numbers are dwindling.

Axios noted that Watson’s memo seeks to “portray the withdrawal as a necessary move” in light of GOP intentions to “make Afghanistan a key focus of investigations if they reclaim power in Congress next year.”


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