Bartiromo Sounds Alarm, Points Out One Main Reason Biden Is Putting Entire Country In Danger

Bartiromo Sounds Alarm, Points Out One Main Reason Biden Is Putting Entire Country In Danger

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo put a fine point on how President Joe Biden is seriously endangering the country during a network segment late last week.

Specifically, Bartiromo addressed Biden’s massive drawdown of the Strategic Petroleum Reserves and compared it to when they were low in 1984, noting Biden’s decision is far more dangerous because the country uses far more oil on a daily basis now than then.

“This is very dangerous,” she said on “America’s Newsroom” on Thursday.

“This is supposed to be a reserve of oil that is needed in terms of crises and emergencies, and he’s selling this oil even to adversaries like China as a way to keep gasoline prices lower going into the midterm elections. It’s totally dangerous to be playing politics with this reserve,” she added.

“This is the lowest numbers that we’ve seen in this reserve since 1984. … The problem is that we’re using 27 percent more oil than we were in 1984,” Bartiromo noted further.

The Western Journal added:

The U.S. population in 1984 was approximately 237 million versus the present 333 million.

The federal government established the SPR in 1975 following the Arab oil embargo of 1973-74. It has a storage capacity of 714 million barrels, making it the largest supply of emergency crude in the world, according to the Department of Energy.

After a series of sales authorized by Biden in March, the reserve currently sits at approximately 405 million barrels.

On Wednesday, the president announced that his administration would be selling an additional 15 million barrels from the SPR.

“When the price of gas goes up, other expenses get cut. That’s why I have been doing everything in my power to reduce gas prices since Putin’s invasion of Ukraine caused these … prices to spike and rattled international oil markets,” Biden said in making the announcement.

“I’ve told my team behind me here to be prepared to look … for further releases in the months ahead if needed,” Biden added.

The Republican National Committee published a graph on Twitter showing that, actually, U.S. strategic reserves are below half of what they were under former President Trump.

And while Biden is publicly demanding that U.S. oil companies produce more, behind the scenes his administration is waging war on the fossil fuel industry, making it difficult, if not impossible, for them to invest in new drilling and other production infrastructure.

The Wall Street Journal reported last month: “President [Joe] Biden’s Interior Department leased 126,228 acres for drilling through Aug. 20, his first 19 months in office, [an] analysis found. No other president since Richard Nixon in 1969-70 leased out fewer than 4.4 million acres at this stage in his first term.”


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