Anti-Racist University Prof Wishes Queen a Painful Death, Gets Slammed by Jeff Bezos

Anti-Racist University Prof Wishes Queen a Painful Death, Gets Slammed by Jeff Bezos

A university professor’s tweet wishing Queen Elizabeth II an “excruciating” death was so repugnant that it was deleted by Twitter and was even called out by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

“I heard the chief monarch of a thieving raping genocidal empire is finally dying,” tweeted Uju Anya, an associate professor of second language acquisition at Carnegie Mellon University. “May her pain be excruciating,” she continued.

The tweet was posted prior to Elizabeth II’s passing and has since been removed by Twitter due to the violation of its rules on wishing or hoping that someone experiences physical harm.

The tweet went viral. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos responded to the tweet, asking: “This is someone supposedly working to make the world better? I don’t think so,” he said. “Wow.”

Anya responded to Bezos’s comment, tweeting after the Queen’s death: “May everyone you and your merciless greed have harmed in this world remember you as fondly as I remember my colonizers.”

Anya chose her hill to die on and insulted those that challenged her view. One reply read “Ewww, you stink,” to which Anya responded, “you mean like your pussy?”

Any continued: “I’m not wishing her dead. She’s dying already. I’m wishing her an agonizingly painful death like the one she caused for millions of people.”
“If anyone expects me to express anything but disdain for the monarch who supervised a government that sponsored the genocide that massacred and displaced half my family and the consequences of which those alive today are still trying to overcome, you can keep wishing upon a star,” Anya added.

Anya was born in Nigeria, which was a British colony until 1960. She moved to the United States as a child, where she attended several universities including Brown and the University of California-Los Angeles.

Queen Elizabeth II passed away peacefully on Thursday surrounded by close family members. She was 96 years old.


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