Here's Why Anti-American Biden Regime Once Again Banned July 4 Fireworks Celebration at Mt. Rushmore

Here's Why Anti-American Biden Regime Once Again Banned July 4 Fireworks Celebration at Mt. Rushmore

The Biden administration has once again proclaimed that there shall be no fireworks celebration on Independence Day at Mount Rushmore, even though there is little that is more American than that.

This marks the third straight year the regime has disallowed it from taking place after then-President Donald Trump essentially insisted upon it in 2020 as he was running for reelection.

According to NBC affiliate KNBN, the National Parks Service has declined a permit for the celebration on July 4; South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) took to Twitter to make the announcement last week.

“The best way to celebrate America’s Birthday is with fireworks at Mount Rushmore. Today, the Biden Administration rejected them. Again,” she wrote.

So — what was the regime’s reason for denying the permit this year? According to the Daily Caller, it’s a Native American thing.

“Fireworks continue to be viewed by multiple Tribes as an adverse effect on the traditional cultural landscape,” Mount Rushmore National Memorial Superintendent Michelle Wheatley wrote in a letter to Wanda Goodman, who works for the Governor at the South Dakota Department of Tourism. “This view was expressed by consulting Tribes in 2020 and has been reaffirmed by Tribal government representatives in subsequent meetings and letters.”

“The Mount Rushmore Fireworks Celebration is the best way that we can celebrate America’s birthday. We lost our ability to hold this celebration during the Obama administration, so I’m asking our South Dakota delegation to help us advocate for this tremendous event,” Noem told the Daily Caller, which added:

In 2021, Noem sent letters to three members of Congress from her state urging them for their assistance in making sure the fireworks display at Mount Rushmore does not get canceled under President Joe Biden’s administration.

Then, the Caller obtained three letters to the Republican lawmakers from South Dakota, including, Sen. John Thune, Sen. Mike Rounds, and Rep. Dusty Johnson, in which Noem explains the importance of the fireworks display and also details the economic benefits of having the firework display at Mount Rushmore.

But the Biden regime refused the request again; Noem took the administration to federal court but lost.

“Nobody has a right to shoot off fireworks on someone else’s land, whether it be a neighbor; an area business; or as is the case here, a national park,” wrote Judge David Straus in his opinion at the time.

“Each of these situations requires permission, and for a national park, the way to get it is by requesting a permit. With no substitute, doing away with this process will only make it harder, not easier, for South Dakota to remedy its claimed injury,” he added.


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