Another Hate-Crime Hoax: Black Student Likely Suspect in Her Own Alleged Vandalism

Another Hate-Crime Hoax: Black Student Likely Suspect in Her Own Alleged Vandalism

If racism isn’t widespread enough to prove liberals’ agenda of spreading the narrative that all whites are systemically racist, they will make it up. As a result, hate-crime hoaxes are becoming more and more popular. The College Fix reports “Zioriana Martinez alleged that on February 16 and March 1 someone threw eggs at her residence hall door. She also said someone tore down her LGBT Pride sticker and stole a photo of her dog.”

The Wayne State University Police Department says it spent “at minimum 200 man-hours” investigating Martinez’s accusations, all to find she herself was the primary suspect. “Police have concluded that she likely perpetrated the incident herself to obtain a leadership position in the Black Student Union” and “there are absolutely no indicators of any racial intent” the report concluded.

Unfortunately, behavior similar to Martinez is not rare. In May, Avery Severson, a white conservative student at a Minnesota high school was blamed for creating an Instagram account to send racist messages to Black girls. Severson, a Turning Point USA leader was accused by Precious Boahen of the vicious hate crime. An officer would not confirm or deny to The College Fix if Boahen had any involvement in the account.

The College Fix obtained police reports from the incident through a public records act request, which stated the student who actually created the account is a member of the Black Excellence Club. The Fix reported “police could not confirm that she is also the one who sent the racist messages, which included telling a group of black girls to ‘Die Nigger,’ among other things. However, using tech forensics, police determined that the messages were sent from the girl’s home IP address, according to police reports.”

Dennis Gerhardstein, a spokesperson for the Ramsey County prosecutor’s office said in an email to The College Fix that “the case as presented by law enforcement did not warrant criminal charges.” An official with the police department said charges were not pressed for several reasons, including because the officer did not read the suspect her Miranda rights and because they did not think it was worth pursuing charges.

Biden DOJ Nominee Fell for Smollett Hate Hoax, Said Police were “Demonizing Survivors”

President Joe Biden’s nominee to head up the civil rights division of the Department of Justice “boosted” the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax, according to the Daily Caller.

In 2019, Smollett falsely purported to be the victim of an anti-gay, racially charged hate crime, claiming he was attacked by two white men who yelled “This is MAGA country.”

Shortly after the news of Smollett’s “attack” was reported, Kristen Clarke, Biden’s nominee wrote, “Jussie Smollett subjected to a racist and homophobic attack. 2 white men wearing ski masks attacked him, put a rope around his neck, and poured bleach on him and as they yelled slurs. Prayers to @JussieSmollett for a speedy recovery from this hate crime.”

The Daily Caller points out that Clarke also accused the Chicago police department of “demonizing survivors” for seeking access to Smollett’s phone while probing the incident.

“To be clear — This is a BAD move by the Chicago Police Department. This is NOT how you treat survivors of a hate crime,” she wrote on Twitter in response to a news report about Smollett’s refusal to turn over his phone to detectives. “Stop demonizing survivors and casting doubt on their claims if you want communities to trust that you will take #HateCrime seriously. @StopHateProj”

The Caller reports:

More than a year after Smollett’s allegations fell apart, Clarke criticized the use of a special prosecutor to review Foxx’s handling of charges against the actor.

Clarke asserted that prosecutors like Foxx “use their discretion every day” to decide how to handle cases.

But Clarke lamented that the use of a special prosecutor was brought in to “undermine” Foxx’s power.

Clarke has also been criticized for her remarks in 1994 when she was a student at Harvard. 

In the student Newspaper, she wrote that black people had “greater mental, physical and spiritual abilities” than other races due to the amount of melanin they produce. 

For the full report, click HERE.

Investigation Into TPUSA Student Accused Of Sending Racist Messages To Black Students Turns Out To Be A Hoax

At a time when racial tensions are already very high in America, an investigation into racist messages allegedly sent by a Minnesota high school sophomore to another student turned out to be a hoax.

The Daily Wire spoke with Avery Severson, a sophomore at White Bear Lake High School near St. Paul, Minnesota, who was accused by a black student at her school of sending hateful and racist messages through Instagram.

Daily Wire reports:

Screenshots from an alleged conversation between Precious Boahen, who accused Severson of racism, and an account called “GoWhiteBear,” show the anonymous account using racial slurs. It’s unclear who was ultimately behind the anonymous account. 

GO WHITE BEAR: Leave my school n****r. I don’t like a n****r b*tch. Dog. DIE N****R. 

PRECIOUS: Homeboy, [you] trying too hard. 

GO WHITE BEAR: You’re racist! ALL LIVES MATTER NOT BLACKS. I’m talking to the principal to end your little black club, it’s racist to white people. Hope your dad rapes you. 

PRECIOUS: Have fun being miserable [about] diversity.

GO WHITE BEAR: Say goodbye to your black club. IT’S RACIST.

PRECIOUS: Aww, too bad.

GO WHITE BEAR: You should get hanged. You’re a dirty African Girl. Nobody wants you here. Go to a black school, this is WHITE bear lake. 

Severson said that over the past year she has been stonewalled by her school administration in an effort to create a Turning Point USA club. In contrast, Boahen was able to create a black student affinity group with relative ease. Boahen accused Severson of being jealous of her ability to successfully kickstart a club. 

Boahen shared a separate screenshot of the messages with the caption, “I bet you a billion bucks this is Avery Severson or one of her friends all mad because they can’t have their Turning Point club at school.”

Severson denied the accusations and told The Daily Wire that she was in a driver’s education class on Wednesday, April 7, when the conversations were posted to social media. She said she would never make such abhorrent comments.

Two days later on April 9, the hoax catapulted to a whole new level, as local media reported that students at White Bear Lake High School staged a walkout at the school and teachers joined in as a show of solidarity against the racist messages.

The high school began an investigation in conjunction with the FBI and the local police department which concluded the messages were a “hoax.”

The school district’s superintendent stated in an email, “The initial investigations by the FBI, our local police department, and the school district uncovered that the social media posts were not what they appeared. The original messages were found to be a hoax sent under false pretense by an Instagram account that was created by a student. The individual who created the social media posts poses no threat to our students of color.”

For the full story click here.


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